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Long Lost Delfa Rolls coming back to life!



Blast from the Past? History of Delfa Rolls

Are you young enough to remember the Delfa Rolls, also called Danish Ribbons? They used to be sold by a few convenience stores in the 1960s. They were pretty hard to find because they were imported from overseas. It was a lot of fun eating Delfa Rolls because you could peel off the strips and chew on them, or just pop the entire roll in your mouth and suck on it until it was gone. You got a roll of licorice that you could separate into four rolls.

For years the only option for Delfa Roll lovers was created by The Gerrit Verburg Company. They are the manufactures of  a product called Broadway Licorice Rolls. The texture of the Broadway Roll is a little bit softer, and the taste is a bit different than the original, but they were all that was available… until  now.

As you can see from the comments below, many people miss the original Delfa Rolls and if you are one of them, I have good news… Delfa Rolls are on the way back!

Iconic Candy, a company that has revived several classic brands, such as Reeds  and Regal Crown is bringing back the original Danish Ribbon/Delfa Roll. According to the company, the product should be available the end of 2018/beginning of 2019.

Stay tuned, as we learn more we will let you know!


By Ken Shenkman

I am one of the owners of Bulk Candy Store, a true omnichannel candy store. We have a retail store in West Palm Beach, FL., a website at and state fairs and festivals across the U.S.

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I was very disapointed  with the new taste of the Broadway strawberry licorice rolls. They are too sweet and not like the original as I remember as a kid. The gerrit verburg Co. told me that they changed the recipe and I told them they were out of their mind.

I’m with you, pal! I’ve been looking for the original red licorice, be it the Broadway Rolls, laces or whatever. I’ve ordered so much red licorice the past few years but to no avail. It’s all like plastic now with a sickening sweet flavor. The red licorice I remember was denser, not shiny and a darker color red. If you ever find what we’re looking for please e-mail me at [email protected]! Thanks!

i called a candy store several miles away from my house..drove there and bought 4 Gerrit’s Broadway Strawberry Rolls and was very disappointed in the taste. Thsi is no where near the taste and smell i remember eating. I had a friend of mines eat one and she said YUK..this not the same. Please use the original recipe.

Thank you.

The new rolls are not even close to the old taste nor appearance. The old recipe flavoring was sweeter and more strawberry intense. The Delfa company also made laces in strawberry, grape, and black licorice. They were all imported by Jaret International in Brooklyn who went on to make Sour Patch. maybe someone will recreate that great Delfa roll taste. I miss it. .

Just bought a pack of Broadway. I was so excited. But once I opened it, I noticed the color, touched it and tge texture felt like a fruit roll up, popped it in my mouth…yuck. No taste. Waxy texture. So excited to hear they’re coming back!!!

I cannot stand these new broadway rolls; lighter in color, plasticy taste and chemical smell. The originals were darker, redder almost cherry flavor. Bring back the recipe!

I hear that often Carri. I guess sometimes older recipes are tweaked due to manufacturing changes. Still hoping the originals make a come back though! 😀

really disappointed with these. The only thing they have in common is they are rolled similarly but taste nothing like the Danish ribbons or Delfa rolls. Totally and utterly disappointing.


We have heard from a number of people that these do not taste like the original Delfa rolls. Good news though, we have heard that the original is coming back!

Any other news on the comeback of the original? I know that Iconic Candy was saying a couple years ago that they had the rights to the original recipe but nothing ever came of it. They don’t seem to answer questions on their Facbook page and their website has no mention of it anymore.

Hi –

I have spoken with the company that is working on it and they say it will still be quite a while (months plus) as they are having trouble finding a manufacturer who can produce the product the way they need it done (correctly!). We will keep this post updated as we learn more.

Any updated news Ken? Enjoying these one more time before die is on my bucket list! Sad but true!!

Hi Harry –

No news yet, but I am hoping to see them at the candy show tomorrow and will report back as soon as I know anything!


I did speak with them at the show, and the sad news is that they have yet to find a manufacturer who can make it for them. As soon as I know more I will make sure it’s posted here!




As you can see from below, I did speak with them at the show, and the sad news is that they have yet to find a manufacturer who can make it for them. As soon as I know more I will make sure it’s posted here!



I cannot stand these new broadway rolls; lighter in color, plasticy taste and chemical smell. The originals were darker, redder almost cherry flavor. Bring back the recipe! I remember as a child every Sunday going in to our local deli and my dad would let me get a roll and a few bazooka bubble gums. It was a treat for me!

Very hard to replicate the original Delfa Roll as the machinery and production techniques have probably changed since the mid 80’s. Damn shame because the Delfa Roll was an iconic candy as were the shoe lace liquorice that was produced as well. Had almost a slight oily feel as not to stick to itself. Miss that candy.

Immediately bought these just in case! Sadly not even close. Has the taste of you typical “tangy” strawberry licorice. Sort of like the Australian kind.

The closest I’ve found so far is Red Vine sugar free strawberry.

Have to agree with the rest. Not as chewy as the older ones and pale pink rather than deep red. Haven’t had a chance to try the black licorice ones though. Maybe they are better.

I was born too late to enjoy these, I guess. I agree wholeheartedly with Henry – candy is not the same as it used to be when I was growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s. All of the good candy is gone, only to be replaced by inferior replicas. When there is a public outcry, they always say they’re bringing the original back; but they just create a new recipe, and it isn’t the same. I miss so many different candies and gum that it would be impossible to remember all of them:-(

Damn Damn Damn. I have been looking for over 10 years. This sucks strawberry laces and delfa rolls were my favorite. The problem with delfa rolls were they would go stale on the shelfs very quickly and became tough as nails to rip a piece off but I did not care because the flavor was the same as the red lace licorice. Oh please somebody save the day and come up with the exact recipe alreadym. Ugh.

O.M.G. THE ORIGINAL FLAVOR IS BACK!!! Just tasted the Sweet Strawberry originals at a Trade show in New Rochelle!


I’m not sure what Chuck tried, but I just spoke with the company that has the license for Delfa rolls and they now tell me that they may be available early next year. They had a hard time finding a manufacturer who could make it correctly, but apparently they have found one now.

We’ll let everyone know as soon as we do!


Great news Ken! Please keep us updated. Ive been getting the inferior Broadway Licorice at your store in West Palm to hold me over (don’t tell anyone its starting to grow on me!) but nothing comes close to the original.

ChuckDaCandyGuy, could you elaborate on the exact licorice you found at Trader Joes?

So excited to c so many fellow candy lovers who miss this awesome confection. I was so excited when the broadway roll emerged and omg yuck horrible tasting. Bring back the original please. Remember the huge sweetart tablets they were huge and made your tongue bleed god I miss those. Lol peace

Delfas coming back is the best news I’ve heard in a long time!!!! I can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve spent pining for Delfa Rolls since they went out of production. So excited!!!!!

I’M SO EXCITED!!!! I Fell in love with these in the 60’s and have been desperately searching retro candy stores for them! Broadway does not cut it! Can’t wait until these are available! Can I be notified when they will be?

Hi. I posted two years ago; I really can’t wait: Delpha rolls got me through pregnancy cravings!! What website can I look at ? Thank you!

Best news. The broadway strawberry rolls weren’t even close. My wife will be sooooo happy. She loved those more than I did. Our dentist loves it too. Paid for his kids to go to college.

Just posting to keep the interest going! Fingers crossed that early 2019 will finally bring my all time favorite candy back to us! Any new news Ken?

Wanted to mention that due to a very forward thinking wife I actually still have one roll of the original Danish Ribbons safely stashed in my freezer so when/if these do come back to us, I will be able to tell you without any doubts or colored memories if these do in fact taste like the originals. They have been sitting in the freezer for years now (I give myself one section every Christmas) so the flavor is a bit muted but is still distinctly the Danish Ribbon we all know and love.

I Loooooovvvvvee this candy, it us the best thing ever all i have are memories when it comes to my childhood and I ve been looking for the delfa roll for some years now, wondering what ever happened Im so excited and Can Not wait for the return!!!!!

As a child I loved these, and tried hard to find the original. I bought the Broadway rolls, and they weren’t the same. They eere good , but really loved tha real Danish ribbon rolls. I would be really happy if I could get these again. Not sure why they stopped making these.

I really miss the Delta Rolls, I’ve been searching forever for this candy. I’m so glad to hear this brand is coming back. Please keep me posted.


Really? Delfa Rolls are going to be available again? Ken – please keep us updated on the production of this candy! I have been waiting for almost 20 years to have this candy again.

Sorry to say, no word yet. The Sweets & Snacks Expo (candy show) is coming up in about a month and I expect to meet with them there and see what’s going on and hopefully get a production date.

Yes, I’d buy a caseload! When I was a kid I could only find them in this grungy newsstand store across from the town’s train station (you know the kind). It was so creepy I wasn’t allowed to go in there, but I would sneak in to get my Delfa Roll fix! If they do come back, Delfa Rolls should be sold in the country stores at Cracker Barrel restaurants, with all the other great old candy they’ve got.

Go to and go to the contact us section. Write an e-mail asking them to manufacture Delfa Rolls again. I did it. If everyone contacted them, maybe they would hurry up and start making them.

Hi all –
Sorry for the delay. Thought I posted an update already. I met with the folks recreating Delfa Rolls at the Sweets and Snacks Expo and they say they hope to have them out first part of next year. Apparently this is a very difficult product to get right and they want to make sure they find a production partner that can get it right. Will update as I learn more


Every few years I check to see if someone has recreated these magnificent Danish rolls. Just like everyone else here, I was excited when I discovered Broadway a bunch of years back but was just as disappointed as the next person that the company changed the recipe.
This is the closest we’ve come…thank you to all who are making this a reality. I can’t wait for the next update!

Please keep me updated on the progress as well! I also posted and am following on Facebook. Thank you, Harry for the link. Just like everyone else, have been settling for the plastic, greasy, weird Broadway rolls, which I also have strangely come to not hate as much anymore, but if the *real* Delfa rolls come back, I will be a forever-fan! The first time I ever had one was at Murray’s Old Fashioned Candy store in Tri-County Mall, Cincinnati, Ohio, around 1976.

Ken, please keep us updated!
Warm regards,

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