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Long Lost Delfa Rolls come back to life as Broadway Rolls


Blast from the Past? History of Delfa Rolls

Are you young enough to remember the Delfa Rolls, also called Danish Ribbons? They used to be sold by a few convenience stores in the 1960s. They were pretty hard to find because they were imported from overseas. It was a lot of fun eating Delfa Rolls because you could peel off the strips and chew on them, or just pop the entire roll in your mouth and suck on it until it was gone. You got a roll of licorice that you could separate into 4 rolls.

The Gerrit Verburg Candy Company has answered the cries of those of us craving the old Danish ribbons licorice delight. They are the manufactures of new Danish ribbons also known as Broadway Licorice Rolls. The texture of the Broadway Roll is a little bit softer, but I think that they still have the same great taste as the old-time Delfa Rolls, plus now they're available in a variety of flavors. Each 2 oz Broadway Roll is approximately 1" high by 4.5" long. So why not try them out for yourself and see why they are so popular - also, let me know what you think! Available at Bulkcandystore in Black Licorice, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry!

New Broadway Licorice Rolls

2 thoughts on “Long Lost Delfa Rolls come back to life as Broadway Rolls”

  • millertime

    Don't remember these. I must have been just a little too young I guess. 

  • Gary Peterford

    I was very disapointed  with the new taste of the Broadway strawberry licorice rolls. They are too sweet and not like the original as I remember as a kid. The gerrit verburg Co. told me that they changed the recipe and I told them they were out of their mind.

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