Bulk Candy Store on the Road

Not only do we have one of the sweetest Candy websites online, we also take the show on the road! We visit large fairs and festivals throughout the U.S. with the World's Largest Travelling Candy Store! At most places we feature approximately 2000 sq. feet of candy. At many sites we also sell Icee® drinks and Deep Fried Fun Foods, including Candy bars, Twinkies®, S'Mores®, Pop Tarts®, PB & J Sandwiches, Oreos and more.

Check out the list below to see where we are and what we're offering. Click on the name of the event to learn more about it.

Bulk Candy Store 2017 Fair Schedule

South Florida Fair Jan 13 - Jan 29 Candy, Icee®, Deep Fried Items
Houston Livestock Show March 7 - March 26 Candy
State Fair at Meadowlands June 22 - July 9 Candy, Icee®, Deep Fried Items
Ohio State Fair July 26 - Aug 6 Candy, Icee®, Deep Fried Items
Maryland State Fair Aug 24 - Sept 4 Candy, Icee®, Deep Fried Items
Virginia State Fair Sept 29 - Oct 8 Candy, Icee®
South Carolina State Fair Oct 11 -22 Candy, Icee®
Coastal Carolina Fair Oct 26 - Nov 15 Candy

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