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Hauntingly Inexpensive Halloween Buffet

All Hallows Eve Candy Buffet

The holidays are barreling around the corner like a steam engine with a headless conductor…That’s right people, time to get ready for spooky fests, haunted houses, candy apples, terrifying children running the streets dressed as tiny demons, and empty candy wrappers scattered all over your house until February. We love Halloween.

You know whats better than all of those things during this wonderfully ghoulish season?

An All Hallows Eve Candy Buffet!!!!!

Spooky Dots and Seasonal Lollies

We put together a plethora of dark and demented sweets to keep the mood strange and unusual as Halloween should be! Sweet candy, shaped like real hearts…Orange and Black bats that taste MUCH better than the furry ones… gummy witch brooms that are actually pretty hard to fly on…kudos to you witches…Don’t forget the bubbling poisonous brew we made that you drink out of  hallowed out skulls…no we are not savages..just imaginative 🙂 These yummy drinks are just colorful Gatorade and dry ice! 

Bubbling Poisonous Brew

I feel like the Grim Reaper would be tremendously proud of us. He is probably turning in the afterlife as we speak, dying for (no pun intedned) a go at our chilling candy buffet…he is a sucker for cotton candy.

Black Cherry and Orange Candied Popcorn

Another thing the Grim Reaper enjoys along with most of us Moms, Bloggers and Candy Connoisseurs is an INEXPENSIVE way to make a Candy Buffet come together. Yea, that Grim Reaper guy is a party planner at heart.

Well here is some good news!

Every thing we used in this buffet for decoration is from the Dollar Store! No this isn’t a sick, twisted, joke..even though that would be fitting for Halloween. It’s all true!
Dollar Tree has an enormous selection of awesome and fun Halloween decorations to use in your All Hallows Eve candy buffet. From plastic eyeballs, to jack o lanterns they have it all, and every single item was $1. I’ll repeat that…$1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halloween Decorations for you! Halloween decorations for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not having to spend a zombie eaten arm and leg on decorations will give you a ton more room and spending cash for the most important part. THE CANDY!

 All of the Candy we used can be found right here on our website!            halloween_candy_buffet_button

Halloween Buffet Candy Spread

Halloween Candy Buffet
Ghoulish Lollipop Ghosts

Browse through our amazing selection, and choose all of your favorites with just one click.  Feel free to mix and match candy. Lime green, and purple are best buds, Orange and black are a match made in Halloween heaven. Cotton Candy that looks like Spider Webs is a necessity. And Tootsie Pops turned ghouls with a little but of twine and white fabric are too cute to pass up. Oops I’m sorry, there is actually nothing cute about this macabre candy buffet.

Whirly Pops
Halloween Sixlet Mix

So mark your calendars, head on over to your local Dollar Tree and stock up on all of the best dollar finds you can, stop by the website and select all of your candies that you wish to have your guests devour like Werewolves on a full moon.

Check out some of the candy we used right here;

[mwi-product sku=”OBCB2-5,014200003297,HCDOP10,WOWLAF,ASGM1,TCAT2,1931B1,878B1″ desc=”false” img_width=”150″ type=”add” btn_color=”orange” btn_link=”button” cols=”3″ ]

[mwi-product sku=”OBCB2-5,014200003297,HCDOP10,WOWLAF,ASGM1,TCAT2,1931B1,878B1″ align=”left” desc=”false” img_width=”200″ type=”add” btn_color=”green” btn_link=”button” cols=”2″ ]