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Sweets that suit your zodiac sign!



Astrology will tell you all about an individual’s personality based on where the stars were on the day of their birth. We put a new spin on the Zodiac wheel and added a new set of standards, it’s called ‘Candystrology’.

Are you sweet, sour or both? Maybe you are just plain nuts!


It is no surprise that Aries would be associated with this kicked up candy. The Atomic Fire ball is in all aspects the candy version of this fiery zodiac sign. If you are brave enough you can test an Aries, they will most likely burn you with their fire eyeballs, but if you get past all of that spicy exterior you will see that an Aries can actually be cool, and sweet. So if you’re a hot headed Aries, Atomic Fireballs are right for you. WARNING: TOO MUCH HEAT MAY CAUSE SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION.


The Taurus is strong, and resilient. They are hard workers, confident, and most importantly appreciative. That is why Taurus’ and Now&Laters are the perfect combination. They are long lasting, and reliable just like the Bull. You cannot forget that as a Taurus you may find your stubbornness gets the better of you at times. And just like Now&Laters you both are hesitant to give in so easily. Go ahead Taurus “grab the bull by the horns”. Or in ‘Candystrology’ terms…Grab the candy by the wrapper.


They say two is better than one. I guess you could say that goes for people AND candy. Geminis and Twix are best friends. The dual nature of the Gemini is perfect for the double dose of chocolate and caramel. Geminis can be flighty, and indecisive but that’s OK with Twix because there are two of them for the Gemini to split between each mood swing. Either way, enjoying a Gemini and enjoying a Twix goes hand in hand. Which side are you on today?


Have you ever met a Cancer? Odds are you were scared of what was underneath that mysterious layer of complexity. Such little Crabs. Chocolate Covered Pretzels are a wonderful fit for Cancers because they are elusive, yet tempting people. They are sweet, yet salty, and smooth yet crunchy all depending how well you know them. Just like a Chocolate Covered Pretzel you only get to enjoy them after you’ve taken your first bite. Hello Little Crab come out of your shell, I have a Chocolate Covered Pretzel for you!


Ah, the Leo. Charming, Brave, and Head Strong. Lions are a rather unique bunch. Popping with wit it is no surprise that Pop Rocks are a Leo’s candy preference. The jolt of flavor, and effervescence of the little crystallized candies are a wonderful choice for a Lion. Most of the time Leo’s are nice, and they give thoughtful advice at the right time. But get on their bad side and the pack of Pop Rocks you gave them will most likely get dumped over your head, instead of in their mouth.


Virgos are Convincing, Intuitive, and Analytical. The health maniacs of the bunch, it is rare to see a Virgo enjoy all the fun candy has to offer. When you do see them divulge in sweets it is usually as bitter as their perspective on the world around them. Very resourceful, mature and slightly sweet, Dark Chocolate is a Virgo’s happy place. With their short tempers though they should probably stick with the Fun sized bars. Its a bittersweet life!


The Original Gangster. The Old Soul. The Matured Maiden. Libras are very balanced, and even tempered. The consistency of the Libra makes Tootsie Rolls the go to choice for their candy appetites. The Tootsie Roll dates back to 1896, and have not changed much since. Just like a Libra, the Tootsie Roll has remained a favorite amongst it’s candy counterparts for centuries, and will continue to reign supreme for years to come. If your a Libra, balance your scales with two handfuls of Tootsie Rolls. Thank Me later.


No, Scorpios are not Dum Dums, actually they’re quite the opposite with their uncanny ability to lead your thoughts about them astray. What are they thinking? Who do they love? You will never know unless you unwrap them and savor their true identity. Which is sometimes hard to come by just like their Candy match up the Mystery Dum Dum. You never know what flavor is hiding under the cover, and you can say the same for the elusive Scorpio. What the heck is going on here? I just can’t figure it out.


Strong, and Intense the Sag is a true Warrior. That is why War Heads fit them so well. If you can get past the pack of power this candy and zodiac have behind their punches than you’ll eventually get to experience the sweet side. Loyalty is no question when it comes to the Sagittarius, they will fight to the death for what they believe to be theirs, so get ready for a powerful WAR aHEAD.


The practical Capricorn likes anything that makes them feel like Home. Hard-Working and often Rich, the Chocolate Peanut Chew Bar is a likely candidate for their candy choices. Stability, and order is very important for these Goats. It is no surprise that the old time favorite candy is almost like a Soul Mate to them. If you’re a Capricorn and you need some valuable time to plan out your next systematic approach, then grab a Peanut Chew and get down to the nitty gritty.


You know the saying..”Sour First, Sweet Later”. That goes for Aquarius as well. As the most unorthodox of the zodiac bunch, Aquarians are silly, funny and kind. Sour Patch Kids are a good way for these water bearers to feel like their bubbly selves again. They are always surrounded by friends, and usually are the life of the party. Very easy going, and naturally friendly a pack of Sour Patch Kids would certainly make an Aquarius giggle.


Well this comes with no surprise. The Fish of the Zodiac is also a Candy Fish. Swedish Fish keep a low profile, and have been the same since the 1950’s. Realistic and Quiet the Piscean is a watery wallop of emotion. When you see them looking Blue give them a pack of sweet Red fish to uplift their mood and bring out their beautiful gentleness. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish….are Swedish.