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  1. slush puppie dip n lik

    Slush Puppie Dip-n-Lik

    12 Count Pkg


    Slush Puppie Dip-n-Lik (12 Count) Learn More
  2. Candy Watch

    Candy Watch



    Out of stock

    • Candy Watch
    • Individually Wrapped
    • Tutti Frutti Flavor
    • .53 OZ Each
    • Made in China 
    Learn More
  3. ICEE Popping Candy with Lollipop

    ICEE Popping Candy with Lollipop

    18 Count Pkg


    • ICEE Popping Candy
    • 3 Assorted Flavored Packs of Popping Candy
    • 18 Count
    • Lollipop in each pack
    • Assorted Flavors
      • Orange
      • Cherry
      • Blue Raspberry
    • Each Pack  .99 oz 
    • Made in USA 
    Learn More

We have some really unique candies and other cool candy related items here! 27-lb gummi bears, chocolate champagne bottles, candy apparel, giant fruit-shaped gumballs, giant jawbreakers, gum and snack dispensers, bubble gum cigars, giant gummies, funnel cake mix and more! These candies are both fun to play with AND to eat, so don't hesitate in browsing our huge selection of these special sweets. These candies also make GREAT gifts for birthdays and for the holidays.

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