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Candy by Color

Candy by Color

Looking for Candy by Color for your wedding candy buffet, or for any other special event? Look no further than our rainbow of candy colors!

Our ever-growing selection of candy buffet candy includes many different types of candies in a wide range of colors - freeing you up to create the perfect color-coordinated candy buffet.. We have candy in every imaginable color, plus it's already categorized just for you!

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  1. rock candy stick valentines day mix
  2. autumn colored rock candy sticks

    Rock Candy Sticks-Autumn Mix (12 count) Learn More
  3. strawberry-swizzle-sticks-rock-candy

    Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks-Strawberry (18 count) Learn More
  4. watermelon-rock-candy-swizzle-sticks

    Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks-Watermelon (18 count) Learn More
  5. Rock Candy on String  - Cotton Candy

    Rock Candy on String - Cotton Candy (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  6. rock-candy-string-blue-raspberry

    Rock Candy on String - Blue Raspberry (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  7. rock-candy-string-cherry

    Rock Candy on String - Cherry (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  8. rock-candy-string-grape

    Rock Candy on String - Grape (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  9. Rock Candy on String - Lemon

    Rock Candy on String - Lemon (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  10. rock-candy-string_lime

    Rock Candy on String - Lime (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  11. Rock Candy on String - Orange

    Rock Candy on String - Orange (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  12. Rock-candy-string-white

    Rock Candy on String - Original White (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  13. rock-candy-string-strawberry

    Rock Candy on String - Strawberry (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  14. watermelon-rock-candy-string

    Rock Candy on String - Watermelon (2.5 lb bag) Learn More
  15. Rock Candy Sticks - Assorted

    Rock Candy Sticks - Assorted (Wrapped) (10 count) Learn More
  16. rock-candy-sticks-black-cherry-wrapped

    Rock Candy Sticks - Black Cherry (wrapped) (10 count) Learn More
  17. rock-candy-sticks-blue-raspberry-wrapped

    Rock Candy Sticks - Blue Raspberry (Wrapped) (10 count) Learn More
  18. Rock Candy Sticks - Blueberry

    Rock Candy Sticks - Blueberry (Wrapped) (10 count) Learn More

Grid List

Set Ascending Direction

1-18 of 36

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  2. 2