Orange Candy

  1. Gummi Spicy Mangos - Bulk Candy Store

    Gummi Spicy Mangos

    2.2 lb Pkg


    Out of stock

    • Gummi Spicy Mangos
    • Soft and Chewy Gummies
    • Sweet with a little Heat
    • Orange Color
    • 2.2 lb Bag
    • Approximately 150 pieces per Bag
    • Made in Spain
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  2. Color Splash Swirl Pops - Orange - Bulk Candy Store

    Orange Color Splash Swirl Pops

    6 Count


    • Color Splash Swirl Pops
    • Individually Wrapped
    • Orange Color
    • Orange Flavor
    • 6 Count
    • 1.5 oz Each
    • 2 1/2" Wide
    • Made in USA
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Orange you glad that we have a whole selection of just orange candy? These delicious candies are perfect for adding the fun to any event, and are certainly an eye-popping feature in any candy display. So come on and check out the citrus celebration inside every one of these little sweets!

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