Hard Candy

Hard Candy

  1. sugar free root beer candy buttons

    Sugar Free Gemstone Root Beer Buttons

    8 oz Bag


    • Hard Candy
    • Individually Wrapped
    • Round Shape
    • Brown color
    • Root Beer Flavor
    • Sugar Free
    • Diameter 1 Inch 
    • 8 OZ Bag
    • Approximately 40 pieces per bag
    • Made in the USA
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Hard candy in a jar. Who doesn't remember visiting grandma's house and her bowl of hard candies? Who doesn't love wrapped hard candies and fun-shaped sours? Whatever flavor you need, rest assured that we have it for you! We have several individually wrapped hard candies that are perfect for your favorite candy dish or for a party buffet display. We have pressed candies in lots of shapes and colors, plus we have a nice selection of sugar-free hard candy drops!

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