When 23 year old Taichiro Morinaga moved from Japan into the United States in 1888, he ate his first piece of candy. Growing up in a world of poverty, in which the mouth-watering taste of the irresistable treat was foreign to him, Morinaga became inspired by the candy’s ability to bring a smile to his face. After his first encounter with these magical sweets, Morinaga developed to dream to know candy inside and out, and eventually begin selling them in his home country. In ten years of hard work, Morinaga did just that. In 1899, he even opened his own store in Tokyo, starting what would be a journey of many years in the candy world. Morinaga’s company expanded immensely over time, becoming a hit in Japan throughout all of the 1900s. Eventually, things went full circle in 2008, when the Morinaga Company was established in the United States. In 2012, the company’s beloved hi-chews were finally created! Now sold all over the U.S., these chewy, juicy, and delectable candies are being enjoying by thousands, and come in multiple delicious flavors! So you're guaranteed to find one you'll fall in love with!

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