Wedding Candy

Wedding Candy

A wedding is one of the most special occasions in a persons life. Why not make it sweeter with wedding candies that will make you and your guests smile from ear to ear. From Champagne Bubbles by Jelly Belly to Wrapped Candies with Love quotes, and of course Jordan Almonds. Our selections of wedding candy vary for any theme!

Did you know Jordan Almonds have been one of the most revered wedding candies for decades?

Also known as dragees, these almond treats with a sugar coating have a significant meaning in Italian culture. Jordan Almonds have a bittersweet taste and the bitterness of the almond represents LIFE while the sugar coating represents MARRIAGE. This is why these almonds are given out during weddings to represent the newly weds life together.

Another neat fact is in Italian tradition these wedding candies are given out in ODD numbers to show the couple's indivisible life long bond. We have an array of these delicious Jordan Almond wedding candies in multiple colors! CHEERS TO THE NEWLY WEDS!

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