1. Twisty Pop - Pearl Green & White - Green Apple 30 CT - Bulk Candy Store

    Pearl Green & White Splash Pops (Green Apple) - 30 Count

    30 Count Pkg


    Out of stock

    • Splash Pops
    • Individually Wrapped
    • Green Apple Flavor
    • Pearl Green & White Color
    • 2.5" of candy
    • 4.5" in total length
    • 30 Count Tub
    • Made in the U.S.
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Lollipops have been a sweet favorite for 1000s of years. Here at Bulkcandystore we carry lollipops in a wide array of shapes and sizes, including whirly pops, swirly pops, tootsie pops, blow pops and much, much more! Bulk Candy Store has every lollipop to make your dreams come true! Check out our yummy selection, and find your favorites today!

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