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Pareve Candy

A pareve (neutral) product is made from kosher or kosher certified ingredients that are neither meat, nor dairy. We carry many kosher pareve candies for you to enjoy and serve at your next event, including pareve chocolates, gummi candy, jelly beans, lollipops, rock candy, and other pareve candies.

Pareve Chocolates

The bulkcandystore carries many delicious pareve chocolates, such as chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered cashews, chocolate lentils, chocolate nonpareils, gourmet chocolate mints, and yummy chocolate cordials!

Pareve Gummies

Love gummi candy, but you have to have it kosher? Well, you've come exactly to the right place! BulkCandyStore.com carries a really nice selection of kosher pareve candies. We have kosher aleph bet gummies, kosher gummi bears, kosher gummi worms, even pareve chocolate gummi bears!

Pareve Jelly Beans

Do you need kosher pareve jelly beans for your next event? We have them in all the colors of the rainbow! Delicious Jelly Bellys like Buttered Popcorn, French Vanilla, and Very Cherry, as well as tasty Teenee Beanees such as Luxor Licorice, Blueberry Cobbler, Caribbean Punch, and Indian River Orange. Plus a whole lot more!

Pareve Lollipops

BulkCandyStore.com carries a wonderful selection of custom made kosher pareve lollipops for every occasion! Choose from brightly colored Whirly swirl pops, delicious Tootsie Pops, Sugar Free Jolly Pops, It's a Boy/Girl pops, and single color pops too!

Kosher Marshmallows

Kosher marshmallows can be a a sweet treat and when it comes to fun, we have them all beat. We have an ever growing selection of Kosher Marshmallows in a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out our swirled kosher marshmallows, available in a different colors and flavors. By the way, all of these marshmallows are pareve (non-dairy)

Pareve Rock Candy

If you want rock candy for your next party, and you need it to be kosher, you can rest assured that our rock candy is certified kosher pareve. BulkCandyStore carries only Drydenn & Palmer rock candy, and they've been making quality candy since 1880. We carry all of their amazing flavors, and the candy is as delicious as it is beautiful. A sure hit at any party or get-together.

Other Pareve Candy

Besides chocolates, jelly beans, gummies, lollipops, and rock candies, we have several more kosher pareve candy options. Try the pressed candies, wax bottles, licorice laces, jawbreakers, dinner mints and gum drops!