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Other Kosher Dairy Candies

Other Kosher Dairy Candies

Making a party and your guests are kosher? You can be comfortable serving these certified kosher dairy candies on your special day. Try the gourmet covered pretzels, flavored tootsie rolls (frooties), Bonomo Turkish Taffy, and select sugar free candies too!

  1. foiled caramel filled chocolate orange

    Foiled Caramel Filled Chocolate - Orange

    2 lb Bag


    • Foiled Chocolate Caramel Balls
    • Orange Foil
    • Individually Wrapped
    • Milk Chocolate with Caramel Center
    • Approx: 1 Inch Diameter
    • 2 LB bag
    • Approximately 72 pieces per Bag
    • Made in USA 
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  2. Orange Tootsie Pops

    3 lb Pkg


    • Hard candy shell with a Tootsie Roll center
    • Orange flavor
    • Orange color
    • Individually wrapped
    • Gluten free
    • Kosher - Dairy
    • Made in the U.S.
    • 3-pound bag
    • 60-count box
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