Remember when you were a kid and you had those cool little wax bottles with juice in them? Of course you do! And did you know that you can still get them? Bet ya’ didn’t! Well, they’ve been around for a while and they are still as much fun as they were back then. Here’s some information about this classic candy treat

Retro Wax Candy

Wax bottles” and “wax pipes” are the more common names that refer to what The American Candy Company officially called “Nik-L-Nips” and “Magic Sticks”. The name combines the original cost of a “Nickel” and the preferred method of opening the wax bottle which was to “Nip” off the top. Founded in 1899 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The American Candy Company moved to Selma, Alabama in 1939. Today, the company is still in business, specializing in making old-fashioned hard candies. The American Candy Company is best known as the inventor of wax lips, though their wax candy division was sold to Concord Confections in 2002 and is now part of Tootsie Roll Industries.

Nik-L-Nips are 2 1/2″ (and approx. 1″ wide) tall and Magic Sticks are about 4 1/2″ long (and approx. 1/2″ wide), but they both feature flavored juices (cherry, orange, lemon, apple, and blue raspberry) inside the wax. These classic nostalgic treats are still very popular because they are actually really tasty and fun to eat!

Wax candy and wax bottles

Wax Bottles and Wax Pipes

How to eat wax bottles and wax pipes:

Step 1. Bite ‘Em – Bite off the top
Step 2. Drink ‘Em – Suck out the liquid
Step 3. Chew ‘Em – Chew the wax, just like gum!

New Cry Baby Sour Candy Wax Bottles

If you are looking for a new sour candy, then this is your lucky day! The super sour Cry Baby Sour Wax Bottle assortment includes five extra sour fruit flavors:

wax candy, wax bottles, sour juice candy, extra sour candyCry Baby Wax Bottles Flavors: Lectric Lime, Overload Orange, Lightning Lemon, Chargin’ Cherry, and Blastin’ Blue Raspberry.

Packed in cute 5-bottle packs, you get the novelty of wax candy made with super tart juice flavors that Cry Baby candy fans know and love. So sour they will make you cry!


So what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself some wax bottles and share a memory with your kids.


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