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Valentine's day Candy Gram

The perfect Valentine's Day gift not need to be expensive, I think a gift from the heart goes a long way and is considerably more special.  A Valentine candy gram really shows how much you care without breaking the bank.  You can easily adapt your candy gram to suit your boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, teacher, mother or anyone else you love. A candy gram makes a versatile, heartfelt Valentine's Day or just because gift.

Here are a few ideas - yes, I know that there is a certain cheese factor associated with candy grams, but I think they are adorable, so here goes.

"You're 'beary' special to me." - Load up a cute container with red and white gummy or any of your favorite candy, add a cute bow and present it to someone special.

The bulk candy store sells prepackaged "seeds of love". These are chocolate covered sunflower seeds beautifully packaged in a reusable mini acrylic heart.

"I heart you". This one is the easiest of all. There are no shortage of heart shaped candies during the season of love. Here is one of my fav. presentation ideas.

Present you handcrafted heart candy necklace in a gift box. To make it extra special, tie a bow around it.

"Be my Sweetheart". Tie a simple bow around the stick of the Sweetheart Lollipop - so cute, so easy.

"I am still red hot for you" or "My love burns red hot for you"  - do I need to say it? Give 'em some red hots

"You rock my whirl" - Purchase Whirly pop - (you can get them in various sizes from bulkcandystore.com). Create a graphic  with the words "You Rock My Whirl". Print you graphic to sticker paper, trim to size and stick to Whirly pop. Add a bow to the stick if you want to get fancy.

Rock Candy will work great as well - "You Rock my World"

Attach a tag to a bag of Fresh roasted and salted pistachio nuts with the words "I am 'nuts' about you!"

I would love to see your Ideas - please feel free to share them on our Facebook wall.

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