There’s a new bear on the candy scene – it’s the Party Gummy Bear!



Need an outstanding centerpiece for your next party? Look no further than the Party Gummy Bear. Your guests will be in shock just looking at this 26-pound, 17” tall, 10” wide gummy bear!

The Party Gummy bear (or the share bear as we like to call it) is over 5, 000 times larger than a regular gummy bear, so you get 450 servings from just one! Use the built-in one-liter bow to serve punches, candies, or even more gummy bears!

The Party Bear (also known as Big Ol’ Bear in some circles) is made in the USA, features a 1-year shelf life, is available in a cherry, orange, blue raspberry and green apple and it is gluten-free.

At the Bulk Candy Store, we have other giant gummies available as well, such as the Giant Gummy Worm, Giant Gummy Rainbow Snake, and the Giant Gummy Heart.


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