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The New BulkCandyStore.com

The online world changes quickly  and we know that we have to keep up with those changes, so...... we're building a new and improved BulkCandyStore.com. We have some ideas of what we would like on the new site, but we REALLY want YOUR ideas. Please take a moment to share a feature or two that you think we need on the new site. One of you who comments will win a BulkCandyStore.com gift certificate.


Bulk Candy Store New Site ideas

5 thoughts on “The New BulkCandyStore.com”

  • Loomis

     There should be a "Who likes Bugs?" button/link that contains all your insect candies.



  • Heather

    A button that displays "Candies On Sale" or "Candies Below $20" or "Whats New?"

    I would make the over all design very light to bring more attention to each candy. Use larger pictures with simple frames around them.

    Put all your social networking links together instead of different places like they are now. Take some queues from this website. They have done a great job with design and organization. http://www.thinkgeek.com

  • Loomis

    The layout def needs to be different instead of everything sporadically placed about. Too squarish looking. Try colorful. Try a more kid friendly look. Think Willy Wonka! Check out Wonka.com. Its very neat. Have you thought about changing the name of the store? I love the products, but the name of the site needs to be changed as well. Something more appealling like Candybulk.com or SuperCandyShop.com. Take out the word "new"

  • Sherry

    My kids are allergic to food coloring. I would love a category devoted to natural food coloring.

  • Ken Shenkman


    Nice idea. We will certainly consider that going forward.

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