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January 1, 2013 was a big day for us at Bulk Candy Store. It was the day we moved from our 6000 sq. ft. warehouse into our new 17000 sq. ft. cash and carry candy retail space. We were super excited – now we were more than an online retailer – our local customers could now walk in to our warehouse, peruse the candies and shop to their hearts content.

We were in our new location for about 3 weeks before we got our new sign – for me, this was the icing on the cake!

It was about 10:30 am when Brian pulled up in his bright red truck carriyng our new sign. (Note to self – add bright red truck to bucket list) The sky was grey, and there was a slight drizzle, so I thought that we would have to postpone the the sign installation. But neither rain, sleet nor snow was going to stop us.

We quickly unloaded the vibrantly colored “Bulk Candy Store Cash & Carry” sign. ( I was in the way, but I was too excited – I did not want to miss any of the action)

The old sign was a source of confusion to our customer – it belonged to the old proprietor, I am guessing his name was Sy.


It was time to cover up that eyesore with Bulk Candy Brilliance!


I watched intently as the 2 men from the sign company carefully hoisted the sign into place.



After a few intence minutes, our new sign was in place – no more Sy’s…


Now we were officialy Bulk Candy Store Cash and Carry Warehouse (located at the corner of Southern Blvd. and Jog Road).

I would love to paint the sign pole a brilliant red and yellow – the team is mulling that idea over. I will keep you posted! In the mean time, head over to Facebook and check out our Grand opening photos! And feel free to stop by our new store – 235 N. Jog road, West Palm Beach, FL 33413 – You are gonna love it!

BTW – you can still shop online at


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