The Gummy Share Bear


Just imagine a world where it would take you two hands to hold a gummy bear. That’s what every child would dream of. But until now, your fantasy has become a reality with this astonishing 27 pound gummy bear; yeah that’s right 27 pounds! You would need a crane to carry this colossal snack.

I bet you are all thinking about what could I possibly do with this much gummy. It’s a mystery only you can solve my friends.  And it’s not just any plain ordinary gummy bear either, it has a carved out belly which can distribute whatever you want to put in it for parties, weddings and whatever social event you would like to use it for. It’s very creative and I’ve never seen or been anywhere where someone used a giant gummy bear for a decoration or even a serving bowl. I recommended it to a friend of mine when he said he was going to throw a party. I told him that the bear has a carved out belly where you could serve refreshments, candy, etc. He tried out the idea and everyone liked the creativity of it and the party went better than planned. Afterwards he told me that when he throws his next party he will indeed buy the Gummy Share Bear again.


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