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The Candy Gift Basket Project



It has been a super busy month here at Bulk Candy Store. It seems like all our friends and families have October birthdays and naturally, since we are candy retailers, they all get gifts of candies and fun foods. I have become every ones favorite relative, after all, who doesn’t like candy!

I’ll share a few of the gift baskets we can conjure up with you.

The Movie theater box – like the name suggest, this is a gift box for movie buffs – it has some of the classic movie candies and is perfect for a movie night at home or with friends. My son was the lucky recipient of this super sweet gift basket.

Movie candyThis basket had Sixlets, Mike and Ikes (are they still fighting?), Cracker Jacks, Sugar Babies, Gopstoppers, Dots, Pop Rocks and Boston Baked Beans. These are some of his favorite – most of them are braces friendly.

As if the candy choices were not grand enough, Lisa, the gift basket whisperer, added her special touch to make this gift perfect.

The cornucopia basket is a fall favorite so we had to include it in our gift basket assortment.

We stuffed it with gourmet candy corn, California mix, and Peach gummy rings.

Lisa wrapped the basket with a beautiful fall Themed cellophane paper. She added a handmade bow  to complete the look-  (I made the bow – I am quite pleased with myself:)


This basket pictured below is a coffee and chocolate lovers dream. It includes a Molten chocolate Lava cake in a cup kit, Chocolate salt water taffies, Chocolate covered raisins, and Candy coated chocolate gems.

The individual items were wrapped in coffee Themed cello bags and accented with coordinating ribbons. A brown polka dot cello wrap completed the look.

If you are a fan of halloween candies or the colors black and orange, then the candies in this basket will definitely tickle your fancy. We included full sized candy bars, black and orange chocolate gems, Pumpkin shaped Juju Jells, and  Mallowcreme Pumpkins. A coordinated Halloween wrap and ribbons completed the look.

I think a candy gift basket  or gift tray is the absolute sweetest way to say thank you, I love you, happy birthday, congratulations – you name it…. what do you think?



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    1. Ken Shenkman Post author


      We have heard from a number of people that these do not taste like the original Delfa rolls. Good news though, we have heard that the original is coming back!

      We will keep you posted.


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