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  • Turkish Taffy's Early History

    Herman Herer circa 1912
    Contrary to popular misinformation Turkish Taffy was not invented by Victor Bonomo (pronounced "Bah nah moe"), but by Herman Herer in New York back in 1912. While making a batch of marshmallow candy for  Herman accidentally added too many egg whites. Instead of throwing the whole mess away, he realized that he may be on to something. After a lot of experimentation and testing, Herman created “Turkish Taffy”.  Unfortunately, no one actually knows why Herman came up with the name or in what manner he sold or marketed Turkish Taffy. Continue reading
  • Bonomo Turkish Taffy

    I am so excited, I think I am gonna bust! This morning I walked into the my office and I noticed 2 boxes on my desk. They looked familiar, but not really. OMG, Bonomos has introduced 2 new Turkish Taffy Flavors,  Wild Cherry and Blue Raspberry. Continue reading

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