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DIY Holiday Peppermint Bark Recipe

Nothing is as good as sweets and desserts on the holidays! Throw those fruit cakes aside and make a few batches of this tasty Holiday Peppermint Bark!

Our super easy and incredible tasting candy bark is great for gifting and even better for dipping in hot cocoa!

You can make this recipe as a Christmas Eve tradition, or Holiday Bake Sale staple!

All you need are a few ingredients!

  1. White Chocolate
  2. Dark Chocolate
  3. Coconut Oil – we purchased ours from Target
  4. Starlight Peppermint Hard Candies
  5. Peppermint Oil – we purchased ours from Target

Other things you will need:

  1. Parchment Paper -Purchased on Amazon
  2. Double Boiler or Microwave – another great Amazon find
  3. Rolling Pin or something hard to smash the Starlight Mints
  4. Refrigerator

Simple enough right? Let’s get started!

Melt your chocolate easily with a double boiler

You can just use a pot with boiling water and place a heat safe bowl on top to mix the chocolate in!

Add 3-4 drops of peppermint oil while the chocolate is melting and don’t forget your coconut oil. By adding coconut oil, it makes the chocolate more sleek – you will get smooth and creamy chocolate which is perfect for spreading on parchment paper!

Pour your delicious melted chocolate onto a large cut piece of Parchment paper and place it in the fridge for 10 minutes until it hardens!



Use your Rolling pin or whatever hard thing a ma-gig you decided to use and smash the peppermints to oblivion…well not completely to oblivion, you will be needing some for the bark…

Place your smashed Peppermint Candy to the side –

Repeat the same process you used to melt the White Chocolate for your Dark Chocolate. Add some peppermint into this one as well and don’t forget a little Coconut Oil as well..about a tablespoon 🙂

Take out your White Chocolate which should be hardened in the fridge by now and pour the melted Dark Chocolate on top leaving a little room on the edge so the White Chocolate can peak through!

As soon as you have finished pouring your chocolate ADD the crushed peppermint onto the warm dark chocolate, so it sinks into the bark.

Immediately place in the fridge to harden for 10 minutes!

Your Peppermint Bark is ready for the chopping board!

Use a knife to cut choppy pieces of bark! Large or Small pieces, whichever you prefer is fine! We went with larger size chunks!

Our DIY Peppermint Bark came out DELICIOUS!

Make it a gift by placing it in cute cellophane bags and giving them to family, friends and coworkers for the holidays!

Place it on a Tray for a Holiday party!

Tell us how your delicious DIY PEPPERMINT BARK came out in the comment section below – and don’t forget to VISIT us at BULKCANDYSTORE.COM

Nuthin’ but Chocolate !

Hey there, Candy Loving Followers. Today we would like to share with you our ‘Nuthin‘ but Chocolate’ Candy Buffet.

Everyone LOVES chocolate. If you don’t, you must be from Mars….Yuuuummmm Mars Bars. (Sorry, my Candy Mentality sometimes gets the best of me.)

Ain’t she a BEAUT? Go ahead…drool.


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Decorate Your Way to a Patriotic Day

4th of July is on the horizon, so let the preparations begin! In my previous post, I talked about some delicious and decorative treats that you can snack on throughout the day. But now we’ll get to the decor! Hosting a party on the 4th ? Here are a few easy patriotic decorations to get you in the star-spangled spirit!

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Valentine’s Day – How it started


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The Candy Gift Basket Project


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Chocolate and Champagne on the Rocks

We have a very creative bunch here at the Bulk Candy Store, I am constantly amazed at some of their creations. The idea pictured in the photo above  came from the the creative mind of our Summer Intern Avery. This was his contribution to the his nephew’s base ball championship winners party.

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Things You Need To Know When Creating A Candy Buffet

So, you are browsing the candy by color category at BulkCandyStore.com and a thought bubble  pops over your head – How much candy do I need for this event? Well, The general consensus among party planners is that you need approximately eight ounces of candy per guest. So lets do the math – if 25 party goers RSVP yes to your event,  then you will need  200 ounces of candy or 12.5 pounds – that’s 25 people, times 8 OZs of candy equals 200 OZs. Divide the 200 ounces by 16 ’cause 16 oz = 1lb and you will need to buy 12.5 lbs of candy. (I bet you did not know that math was this sweet:) Now, I know some of your guests may take more than 8 ounces, but if your friends are like mine, some will be watching their weight, so they will take less or they may leave the delicious candy treats behind – yes, I did take that into account – it all balances out. Continue reading

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Top 10 candy favorites for Mother’s Day


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Cake Pop Kits are Here!


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