If you’re having an event and want to show off a certain color, swirl pops will do the job with style! Or if you just like certain color combinations, then you can pick the specific multicolor pop that matches what you have in mind.

A swirl lollipop is a type of sucker (or lollipop) that has different colors and sometimes different flavors in one. If you want to buy swirl pops, you should know that you have lots of choices! For example, swirl pops often come in many different sizes as well as shapes. There is the more traditional style of sucker that comes on a stick and has a circular shape. These are called Whirly Pops by Adams & Brooks Candy, or Psychadelic Pops by Kendon Candies. The beautiful Twist Pops (or Round-Up lollipops) are made by Kendon as well.

What Sizes and Shapes do Swirl Pops Come in?

You should think about at what size swirl pop you would like to order. Whirly Pops are flat and round, and they come in giant 24 oz, 10 oz, 6 oz, 3 oz and 1.5 oz sizes.

Psychadelic Pops are also flat and circle shaped, some with flowery edges and some with the traditional circle. Kendon also has a new square pop that has 3 flavors in one pop! Yum!

Psychedelic Lollipop

Don’t know about this [Choose a large pop (3 oz or larger) if you want it to last for a longer time. There are also smaller ones for those who just want to taste their favorite flavor on a swirl lollipop.]

How will the colors look at my party?

The photo below shows how pink and white Whirlys and green and white Round-Ups were used as part of a gorgeous dessert table that was created for a young girl’s birthday party. Notice how the Whirlys can be decorated with personalized labels!

Photo Credit: Kate Parker Designs

The image below (Photo Credit: www.hostessblog.com) shows a great example of how primary rainbow swirl pops can be used to make a really cool centerpiece!

As you can see, swirl pops will really make your party, well, pop! Your guests are sure to be impressed by your talents as well as by your good taste in candy!



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