Teenee Beanee Jelly Bean gift tray

Sweet Holiday Gifts


Are you looking for the perfect gift for that sweet someone in your life? Or a holiday gift for the person who has everything except a Candy Christmas Ornament? Well look no further! This year Bulk Candy Store has put together a truly unique set of Christmas and Chanukah sweet gifts for you to give to friends, family or even as a gift for yourself.

Without further ado, here are some of candy holiday gifts we are featuring this year (hint: click the item name or picture to learn more):

Teenee Beanee Gift Tray

Teenee Beanee Jelly Bean gift tray

A tray of 6 different delicious flavors  (and colors) of Teenee Beanee Jelly beans.  How cool will you be when you walk into the party with this colorful treat that everyone can enjoy. This colorful tray is perfect for ANY party ANYwhere. Gourmet jelly bean flavors include Indian River Orange, Caribbean Punch,Laredo Lime, Cabana Strawbana, Green Apple and La Jolla Lemon. (Kosher, Pareve)

Raspberries & Blackberries Gift Tray

Candy Raspberries & Blackberries Tray

Ok, so jelly beans aren’t your thing. How about something that looks a little more like fruit but still satisfies your deepest desires to eat really good candy. The raspberries and blackberries in this tray look like real berries, and even have great berry flavor, but they’re candy! the berries in this tray are made by Jelly Belly (so you know they’re good). They are fruity gel candy on the inside and colored non-pareil seeds on the outside.  Each fruity tray contains about two pounds of candy. Caution: You might want to get two of these, because the first one might not make it the party! (Kosher, Pareve)

Blue and White Candy Tray

Chanukah Candy Tray

This blue and white candy gift tray is perfect for a Chanukah gathering or for someone looking for a not-so-blue Christmas.  Tray contains blue & white chocolate sixlets, blue nonpareils, white nonpariels (think Snocaps) and for a nice minty finish, the tray is topped off with Koppers gourmet blue & white French mints.  (Kosher, Dairy)

Assorted Classic Hard Candy JarRetro candy jar candy

You know how some people come to your house with a bag of hard candies and just assume that you have a jar to put it in  –  we know you would never be that presumptuous! That’s why we created the assorted classic hard candy jar. Imagine a clear, flower topped container, topped with bow, and filled with all time favorite candy jar hard candies, including peanut butter ball, ice blue mints, cinnamon disks, sour balls and more  ( I had to stop, my mouth was watering). All totaled, you get a pound of retro candy jar classics, and the security of knowing you can bring it anywhere – even if they don’t have a candy jar!

Gummi Santas

Ok, so this isn’t really a “gifty” item, but what kind of candy store would we be if we didn’t offer any cool gummies for the holidays? Out jolly St  Nick gummies are a sweet strawberry and cream flavored and look just like Santa. Each 4.4 lb (2 kg) bag contains about 224 gummy Santa faces, with the classic pink face and white beard. BONUS – you get two different Santas, one with a red hat and one with a green hat. Perfect for anyone who loves Santa and gummies (and who doesn’t!)

Gummy Santas

Santa  not enough for you? You can also try our Gummy Christmas Trees and the really cute Gummy Snow Men (but promise not to sing Frosty the Snowman while chewing them!)

Candy Christmas Ornaments

Remember these from the beginning of this post – you probably thought I forgot about these, but they’re too cool to forget. You get 3 mini candy gift boxes, that look like Christmas tree ornaments (the long skinny kind). Two of the boxes are filled with red and green candy coated sunflower seeds and the other is filled with white vanilla imperials. A great combination of colors, flavors and Christmas fun, What else could you want?

Christmas Candy Ornament

You can call these great holiday gift ideas, along with a bunch of new ones in our Great Gift ideas section. Happy Holidays and may they be Sweet!


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