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Saint Patrick’s Day Candy Craft


Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day was first publicly celebrated in Boston in 1737?  It’s celebrated on March 17th around the world. To help you celebrate, I have come up with a few quick and easy family friendly treats you can make with the kids.

Pot of gold at the end of  the rainbow.

Pot of gold
Gold at the end of a rainbow

If you cruise around Bulk Candy Store’s Candy by color section, you will find candies in all the colors of the rainbow.  To create the ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ project pictured to the left, I used Airheads Xtreme Sour Belts – Rainbow Berry flavor, Gold Foiled Coins,  a plastic baggie, curling ribbon and a card (editable printable included below).

Here’s the concept – There is an Irish folklore that  says that fairies put their gold at the end of a rainbow and the gold is guarded by leprechauns. This folklore has become part of the symbolism of St. Patrick’s Day. Rather than searching for this elusive pot of gold or fighting with Leprechauns, how about creating your own luck – make your own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Simply assembly the your candy as shown in the image to the left, place then in a plastic bag , tie with a ribbon, attach a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” card  and you have your own go/d at the end of a rainbow, or a great party favor.

Other candies that would be perfect for this project include Gold Nuggets Chocolate Rock or why not super size it – use Gold chocolate boulders.  For the rainbow you may use Rainbow Licorice Laces or Rainbow mini sour belts, or any combination of candies you see fit.

Rainbow to Go

Keeping with the rainbow theme, I came up with another project idea – Rainbow to go. This is even quicker and easier than the previous project. For this project I used assorted gumball colors, I wrapped them in clear plastic cello wrap and tied both ends with curling ribbons. You may attach a card to complete the look.

Rainbow to go

St. Patrick’s Printables

Feel free to download the Happy St. Patrick day card I used in the project. You may use it as a card or as a bag topper. If you prefer to add you own saying, you may download the editable PDF.

Free Printable



By Ken Shenkman

I am one of the owners of Bulk Candy Store, a true omnichannel candy store. We have a retail store in West Palm Beach, FL., a website at and state fairs and festivals across the U.S.

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