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Some people call it rock sugar, some call it sugar swizzle sticks, and others call it crystallized sugar. Here at the Bulk Candy Store, we call it Rock Candy.  It is made by a process called crystallization. The crystals are formed by allowing a supersaturated solution of sugar and water to crystallize onto a surface suitable for a process called crystal nucleation, such as a string or stick.  The process takes about 6 to 7 days to produce the crystals.

If you do an internet search for keyword rock candy, you will no doubt get thousands of hits on how to make this delectable treat. I have tried making it myself, and it’s a project that I think everyone should attempt at least once.  But, if you are as impatient as I am, you may prefer to purchase this nostalgic candy treat in various sizes, colors and flavors.


I am a tea drinking enthusiast – some might call me a tea drinking fanatic. I like dissolving some classic rock candy in my Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate Tea every morning before I start the day.

I was curious to see how others were using rock candy to sweeten their lives, so I did some research on the web and found a few favorites.

Rock Candy Cake – why not? I love this idea found on Emmaline Bride. This  cake is just absolutely stunning and perfect for the perfect wedding, with it’s white base and beautiful, sparkling rock candy accents. Combining the classic delicious cake flavor and sweet, sugary rock candy, just watch your guests enjoy this cake until there’s none left!

How about using rock candy as a cup cake topping? Crystal cupcake, yum!

According to the folks at the Food Network, this rock candy wreath picture below will last longer than the ever green wreaths. I beg to differ – it would not last very long in my house 🙂

Something Turquoise used them as seat cards – you can also use them as table numbers as well.Rock your drink by using rock candy sticks to sweeten and mix (adult) drinks. I recently had an opportunity to  sample a Watermelon Cosmopolitan. The addition of a watermelon rock candy stick made this drink even more delicious.

Rock Candy makes a pretty and practical Party favor. Pair them with individually wrapped personalized teabags – your guests will be thrilled.

No candy buffet would be complete without the addition of your favorite crystallized sugar treats.

Rock Candy on a string lends itself to a wealth of  creative ideas.

I would love to hear from you. Post your rock candy creations on our Facebook wall – go on, show us what you’ve got.



By Ken Shenkman

I am one of the owners of Bulk Candy Store, a true omnichannel candy store. We have a retail store in West Palm Beach, FL., a website at and state fairs and festivals across the U.S.

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