rock candy centerpiece

Rock Candy Centerpieces


My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was last week. If you’ve been to one of these, you have probably seen that the décor is usually based on a theme.  When given a choice, a lot of kids will pick crazy themes for their parties. I got lucky; my daughter simply wanted “lights everywhere”. Of course, I wanted to make sure we packed in a good dose of candy in there. We worked with my friend Cheryl (owner of Photo Confections, an excellent party planner!) and came up with a way to accommodate both – lit up rock candy.

rock candy centerpiece
For just over half of the adult tables, we created tall centerpieces that consisted of a clear glass vase on a powerful led  light. We added a personalized Lucite “base” around the bottom of the vase with a feather boa on top. We hung crystals down the sides and added a blinged out foam circle for more height. We topped it off with a rock candy topiary. To make the topiary we painted a foam half ball and stuck in about 100 rock candy sticks in turquoise, purple and white.  They looked really nice on the tables when we first put them out.



When we added color changing lights to the rock candy and dimmed it a bit, they looked great!



Lit up rock candy topiaries

For a bit of contrast, on the remaining adult tables we put bulk rock candy (big chunks on strings) in two vases and an oversized martini glass. These vases were a little shorter than that ones for the other centerpieces. We put one of these on a glass block that we spiced up a bit with bling ribbon. We added lights to these as well for a great effect.

Three color Rock Candy Centerpiece


We didn’t have regular tables for the kid’s area. We had couches and cocktail tables for them. To carry the theme through on to those tables, we simply used oversized martini glasses with white rock candy strings. We placed a color changing led light in bottom of each glass and watched the magic happen

lit up rock candy martini glass


I know I’m biased, but I think these all came out pretty darn great. The guests loved the décor and more importantly, so did the guest of honor; proving once again that rock candy may be one of the most versatile (and tastiest)  candies around.




5 thoughts on “Rock Candy Centerpieces

  1. Ellen

    These are all terrific! You have inspired us. Where did the led lights and hanging crystals come from? Some lights are powerful you said and others are colored. How long did they stay lit? Thanks!

    1. Ken Shenkman Post author

      Hi Ellen-
      The lights we used were all floralytes like these. We used the white and ones that alternate colors. We turned them on just before the event and they lasted for entire 5 hours. I know they can last much longer than that. As for the crystals, we got them from the event planner mentioned. You can also do a search on Google for hanging crystal beads and there are lots of places.

      Please let us know how else we can help!

  2. Ken Shenkman Post author

    Glad you like the rock candy centerpieces

    Thanks, the crystals are on a round grid (I believe they come that way) that had a foam attachment that fit into the vase. I can’t remember the vase height anymore but it was probably about 2 or 2 1/2 feet tall. The planner referenced in the blog actually rents/sells them so if you contact her she may have more information.


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