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  • Jordan Almonds - History, Mysteries and Meanings

    Have you ever asked yourself, "Why are Jordan Almonds such popular favors for large events like weddings?", "Why do they use 5 almonds in each favor?", "Do this have any special significance?", or "How are Jordan almonds made?" Well, so have we at the Bulkcandy Store. So we did a little looking and here's what we learned. Continue reading

  • Coffee Candy - Great Flavor without the cup!

    Have you ever wanted a cup of coffee, or just a taste, but don't feel like making it? Then maybe you need to try a piece of coffee candy. Coffee hard candies and coffee toffee are a great way to satisfy your cravings. These candies really capture the complex, subtle flavor of coffee in convenient bite size amounts. As an added bonus, coffee candy won't stain your teeth or result in heavy "coffee breath"!

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  • We've got the good stuff now from Koppers Chocolates!!

    Since 1937, Koppers Chocolates has been a leading manufacturer of gourmet chocolates and specialty confections. Although they have grown tremendously over the years, their keen attention to detail remains the same. Koppers has one of the best reputations in the chocolate business for using the highest quality ingredients, and for their constant innovation and creativity! Continue reading

  • Candy Coated Chocolate Gems in 20+ Different Colors!!

    Check out our huge selection of brightly colored candy coated milk chocolate gems made by the Georgia Nut Candy Company.

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  • ICEE Candies!

    Don't you just love a good ICEE drink? Well then you must try these new ICEE Spray! Continue reading

  • New Gourmet Candy Corn Craze!

    Candy corn... it's not just for Halloween! Originally created in the 1800s, candy corn has now gone gourmet - with a little help from Zachary's Confections Company. Bulkcandystore.com is pleased to announce that we now carry all 13 Candy Corn flavors! And just FYI, Zachary candy corn won Best Taste Award in a blind candy corn tasting in the American Culinary Chefs Best group, so you know it's gonna taste amazing! Continue reading

  • Make your next party pop with Gummi Shots!

    These just may be the hottest-selling item in gummi history. The magical gummi makers have done it again - in the form of 100% edible Gummy Shot Glasses! Whose idea was it? Does anybody care? It's absolutely brilliant! Continue reading

  • World's Largest Gummi Bear Giveaway!

    As many of you know, we recently picked up a new line of Giant Gummi Bears. The Giant Gummi Bears (available alone or on a stick) weigh in a big 1/2 lb and
    are 4 inches tall. That makes it about 90 times larger than a regular gummi
    bear. But wait, that's the little guy. The World's Largest Gummi Bear weighs
    in at 5 pounds! Each one is 5.5" wide, 3.5" deep and 9"
    tall - the equivalent of 1400 regular sized gummy bears! All I can say
    is - that is one Huge Bear! Continue reading

  • Colored Jordan Almonds

    It's been a while since we've posted - we've had a lot goin on; the Ohio State Fair, the Maryland State Fair and more. We've also added an affiliate program (more of that this weekend)  and a bunch of new products. One of my favorites are the individual colored Jordan Almonds. These are a really nice product. They are extra-fine Jordan Almonds available in six different pastel colors, including green, blue and pink and nice assortment. Plus, soon we'll have real Gold and Silver Jordan Almonds! Continue reading

  • Kosher Gummies and more!

    We've been working hard at building up our kosher candy section. Our latest finds include some classic gummy characters as well as some new favorites.  We came across some kosher gummies that look and taste good! We brought in the Gummy bears and so far the reaction has been great. People are happy to finally find good tasting kosher gummies. Continue reading

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