Meltable Items Update


I think the best part of being in the candy business is the sheer pleasure we get to bring to people.  The flip side is just the opposite, when people are not happy with their sweets, and of course, that bothers us.  One of the biggest problems we have is that in the summer it’s hot! And as we all know, there are many candies that don’t do so well in heat, especially chocolate. So the problem becomes, how do we get these delicious candies to our customers without them melting? We have tried telling people that they need to order ice protection and expedited (2nd day) shipping, but somehow there is always someone who ignores the warning and then blames us for their melted mess.  Since we don’t like unhappy customers, this a problem for us.  However,  we can’t just reship items to these folks for free because (1) That’s not fair to those people who followed the rules and (2) we really wouldn’t be in business that long if we had to keep sending orders twice.


So… rather than be like some of our competitors, we came up with a way we can guarantee our meltable items arrive safely- but only if you follow the rules. While we were at it, we made it pretty darn hard for people to not notice the rules.  Here is how it goes:


Meltable Product Labels

From now own, during the hot months, any product that has the potential to melt in shipping will be marked with a big yellow box which contains a link to our meltable items guide.


Adding Ice & Insulation

If you add a meltable item to your cart,  our system will automatically add a charge for “Ice & Insulation Packaging”. It will only do this once per shopping cart, not for each meltable item. It also gives you the option of removing it at the top of the screen.

Should you choose to remove this option, you are reminded that we can no longer guarantee the safety of your products.


Choosing a Shipping Option

The final piece of the puzzle is shipping. We made it easy for people to see that they need to order 2nd Day Air to keep their product safe by pre-selecting 2nd day air and popping up a warning at the same time.

After all that…

If you follow  our “subtle” suggestions on the site we guarantee that your product will arrive safely, and will do whatever we can to fix any problems.  Unfortunately, if you don’t follow them, we just can’t guarantee it. We think this is pretty fair. What do you think?




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