Jordan Almonds – History, Mysteries and Meanings


Updated 10-08-2019

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are Jordan Almonds such popular favors for large events like weddings?”, “Why do they use 5 almonds in each favor?”, or “How are Jordan Almonds made?” Well, we at Bulkcandy Store have asked those very same questions! So we did a little looking and here’s what we learned.

What do Jordan Almonds “mean”?

In many cultures, the almond represents life and love. They are used as wedding favors, because a wedding is the ultimate symbol of those very things. Fresh almonds have a bittersweet taste, which is said to represent life. The candy, or sugarcoating, is added with the hope that the newlyweds’ life will be more sweet than bitter.

Candy almonds, now known as Jordan Almonds, are often given out in small tulle bags or in similar floral-like arrangements as a wedding favor. Nowadays, Jordan Almonds come in every color imaginable, although white is most common for weddings since white represents purity. Jordan Almonds are commonly clustered together in groups of five to signify the five wishes for the new couple – health, wealth, happiness, children, and long life.

Although Jordan almonds are gorgeous in their own right, there are many different ways to make spectacular looking wedding favors. You can wrap a cluster in tulle tied with ribbon, pack them in pretty boxes, place them in decorative bags, or pour a handful into champagne glasses or glass bowls.

How are they made?

It is a truly unique process that can never be completely automated. Almonds are peeled in a special machine and then put in large rotating basins. In a process known as panning, liquefied sugar, as well as flavoring and coloring, is poured in gradually to lightly coat the almonds. The almonds are then left to dry until the next morning. The process requires constant attention to detail which results in a candy that carries on a beautiful tradition.

Besides weddings, Jordan Almonds are used for other celebrations of life and love, such as anniversaries (gold for 50th, silver for 25th), pastel blue or pink for christenings, red for graduations, and green for engagements. As more and more colors become available, Jordan Almonds are appearing at all kinds of events!

It’s important when purchasing Jordan Almonds to know about the different grades or types of product. They are graded based on the thickness of the candy used on each almond.

  • Super Fine is the finest grade. The largest almonds are chosen and given a very thin layer of coating. You actually get the most almonds per pound (when compared with Fine and Extra Fine), and they are easiest on your teeth.
  • Extra Fine is a medium grade of almonds with a more rounded shape and slightly more coating than the Super Fine grade.
  • Fine uses the smallest and lowest grade of almonds, and are covered with more candy coating than Super or Extra-Fine.

Here are Bulk Candy Store, we offer a wide selection of Jordan Almonds. All of our Jordan Almonds have a grade of either Super or Extra Fine and they are ALL KOSHER CERTIFIED! We carry traditional white and assorted Jordan Almonds, along with colors like lavender, yellow, green, blue, pink, and even shimmer opal! We also carry sugar free Jordan Almonds so that everybody can enjoy!



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