A very frequent question we get at Bulk Candy Store is “Do you carry candy buffet jars?”. Unfortunately we don’t carry jars but we can definitely suggest certain places to find them and give you economical ways to build the foundation for your candy buffet! candy_buffet_blog_post_2


The candy jars are what we like to call “the foundation” of the candy buffet. Some people choose to have many jars or just a few fancy large ones. In choosing and gauging how much goes in which particular jar, we first want to give you the suggestion to choose much bigger candy for the big jars. Bigger candy makes an awesome filler for the huge fancy jars. They take up more space and are a lot easier to scoop out of larger jars so it won’t be a hassle to get into.

Now you’re left to make sure that the smaller, teensier candy pieces go into the smaller jars. If you find that you have way too much space in your jar, you can always add in a paper cup upside down or even a can of soup wrapped in foil and place it in the middle of the jar. The candy will build and pile around it, giving the jar the appearance of being fuller.



Where can you get them?

If you’re a crafty individual i’m sure you have your ideas or tips but we thought we’d give you some local options so that shipping isn’t an issue. We know how that can get…which is why we don’t carry them =)

Michaels Yes! We love Michaels and we also love their pinterest board even more! They have a wonderful selection of Mason Jars, Milk Jugs, Oversized Champagne glasses, Fish Bowls and much much more. However, make sure you grab yourself a coupon! If you download the Michaels App or even jump on the site, you’ll be able to snag yourself some savings!

Consignment Shops & Yard Sales – Here in South Florida, we have tons of consignment shops and just because it’s used doesn’t mean you need to rule it out! Someone else’s trash can be your gold mine. Yardsales are another great option. Like I said “local is better”. Ordering heavy, fragile items online can be frustrating. If the jars can be provided nearby, then you have more time to figure out how much candy is needed which helps you meet deadlines. =)

Discount/Dollar Stores – Who says the dollar store can’t give you options? We’re not sure which ones you have in your area but down here we have Big Lots, Dollar Tree and Dollar General. They usually carry an off brand of mason jars for an extremely cheap price in comparison to other big name stores. Some of them even carry flower vases that make excellent jars for candy and will give your candy buffet some flare.

For some candy accessories click here



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