How to make a candy pie



Did you know you can make a candy pie? yes you can, and there is no baking involved. Here’s how:-

Get a round container – get any shape you like, it’s your pie. I used a 4 compartment plastic tray for my creation.

I filled each compartment with a different flavor Soft Sour Ball. Jelly Beans would have looked great – but you may use any kind of candy you like.

For the top of my pie, I use Rainbow Berry Airheads Xtreme Sour Belts. I braided them into a lattice as shown below.

Than I carefully placed the ‘pie top’ on top of my container:

Maybe I should have made larger gaps in the lattice – that way you would be able to see the candy peaking through. Maybe next time…

My next step is to trim the portions of the the candy that is hanging over the sides of the container.

And now for the big reveal…Drum roll please…

Now, go and put your dentist’s number on speed dial, you may need to call one after eating all this sugery goodness.



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