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Minions Candy Buffet

This candy buffet was inspired by those yellow faced men with funny accents….Minions!

Minions are a huge hit with adults and kids alike. Their silly language and unique voices make way for the ultimate of belly laughs.

We decided on the yellow and blue theme and added some fun tidbits like party sequins, Minion props, hats, balloons, and toys. Make your very own by following our tips on creating a themed candy buffet like this one!



An important aspect for a flamboyant Candy Buffet is the jars you will be using.

As you can see, we chose large jars and decided to keep the tops off  some of them. We do this to accentuate the goods inside of the jar.

By choosing different sizes like tall, short, and long you are able to create dimension, and a bit of variety within your buffet.

We also used plastic sand pales to introduce a splash of color into the candy holders. Fun!

You can buy these types of glass jars at any craft store, such as Michaels . You can save a little money by looking at a place like Big Lots . Smaller budget and more time, try flea markets and consignment stores, they often a great place find jars for your candy buffet.

Don’t forget to check out your local Dollar Store for awesome deals. The blue and yellow plastic buckets were only $1 each. STEAL!





Our selection of candy was an array of blue and yellow treats to go along with the Minion theme.

We chose an assortment from small pieces of chocolate to large chunky pieces of Rock Candy pops. The variations go as far as your imagination!

Our shop has a limitless collection of colorful candy and they are arranged nicely for you in a COLOR category. Feel free to click on the links if you would like to use the same types of candy for your buffet

Here are the candies we decided to use for this project:


Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Sticks


Lemon Rock Candy Stick


Mighty Mango Gummi Bears


Blue Raspberry Gummi Bears


Pina Colada Jelly Belly


Blueberry Jelly Belly











Yellow Chocolate Gems


Royal Blue Chocolate Gems


Pineapple Malt Balls







Navy Blue Malt Balls


Black Cherry Splash Pops


Banana Salt Water Taffy






We ran to Party City and grabbed a slew of Minion inspired decorations. Everything was less than $5 each so you can say we are pretty thrifty in my opinion.

By placing the banner in the background it gave the buffet a fun, party time look. A minion hat was used as a replacement for the glass jar top. (See, this is where imagination comes in). We also had a neat balloon that we set in the cylinder shaped jar and filled with blue and yellow malt balls, this made the jar itself look like one of the little minions! There are also a few bouncy minion balls that you can place into your theme for added fun. You can’t forget to sprinkle some bright, colorful sequins onto the table so your guests can add a sparkle to their eye while admiring your buffet!


Final Quick Tip: Use your left over candy for To-Go favors for your guests! These bright yellow favor boxes are only $1 at Party City. OH SO nifty!




There you have it!  All the makings for a perfect Minion Candy Buffet. We hope your family and friends enjoy eating it as much as you enjoy making it!



Get Bamboozled By Bean Boozled!

For months, people all over the world have been posting videos of them doing the “Bean Boozled Challenge.”  So our first question was, “What the heck is this madness?”

It’s a game that leaves your taste buds either hating you or loving you, depending on your luck.  You spin the spinner and grab whatever color jelly bean it lands on. The trick is each colored bean could be one of two flavors: one that tastes awesome or one that makes you want to barf!  Actually, I think that’s one of the choices… But you don’t know which flavor you’ll get because they look EXACTLY alike and don’t have a smell.  So you’re only option is to taste it and find out!

We at Bulk Candy Store decided to do a little research on this game to see what all of the fuss was about.  So we took three kids; gave them napkins, plates and water; and handed them the Bean Boozled Challenge! We recorded them and made it into a hilarious video. Their taste buds, your entertainment!  Check it out!

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