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Candy Corn Corn Pops cereal

Candy for Breakfast?

If I asked you to name two types of foods that people really love, undoubtedly candy and cereal would be near the top of list. It’s no wonder then that these two favorites can be combined to make unique and popular treats. Well, sometimes.

rock candy centerpiece

Rock Candy Centerpieces

My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was last week. If you’ve been to one of these, you have probably seen that the décor is usually based on a theme.  When given a choice, a lot of kids will pick crazy themes for their parties. I got lucky; my daughter simply wanted “lights everywhere”. Of course, I wanted… Read more »

truck2 copy

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Ticket Giveaway

  Hello Houston candy fans, Bulk Candy Store going is on the road again – destination – Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. We will be hauling several hundred pounds of your favorite candy to this sweet location.


The New Bulk Candy Store – Cash & Carry

  January 1, 2013 was a big day for us at Bulk Candy Store. It was the day we moved from our 6000 sq. ft. warehouse into our new 17000 sq. ft. cash and carry candy retail space. We were super excited – now we were more than an online retailer – our local customers… Read more »

Grand opening

Win Free Candy – Our first Giveaway!

  On February, 9th 2013 Bulk Candy Store will be opening their new cash and carry warehouse to the public. Since our customers live all over the world, some of you will not be able to attend the Guaranteed to be fabulous event. We do not want to exclude anyone, we would like to give… Read more »

candy cane heart

Love and Peppermint Candy Cane

  The Christmas holidays are over and you have several pounds of left over candy canes. What to do, what to do? Valentine’s day is around the corner and since it’s another ‘red and white’ holiday, we can up cycle our left over candy canes in to crafty valentine’s creations. I scoured the corners of the… Read more »

Wax candy and wax bottles

Wax Bottles Candy

  Remember when you were a kid and you had those cool little wax bottles with juice in them? Of course you do! And did you know that you can still get them? Bet ya’ didn’t! Well, they’ve been around for a while and they are still as much fun as they were back then…. Read more »

Movie candy

The Candy Gift Basket Project

  It has been a super busy month here at Bulk Candy Store. It seems like all our friends and families have October birthdays and naturally, since we are candy retailers, they all get gifts of candies and fun foods. I have become every ones favorite relative, after all, who doesn’t like candy!

DIY Fortune Cookie

DIY Fortune Cookie Invitation

Fortune cookies party favors are on trend right now, so I was happy when we got these Create your own Fortune Cookies kit  in at Bulk Candy Store. They will be perfect for an idea I have been toying with for some time.


Cake Pop Kits are Here!

  Yes, cake pops are all the rage, but how did they come to be? The concept of a ball of sweet cake is actually not new, I suspect that some inspiration was derived from donut holes, which are sweet dough balls glazed or coated with glaze or cinnamon and sugar crumb. Donut holes; however,… Read more »