Creating Your Candy Buffet – 4 Tips for a Sweet Buffet


You may have noticed something new at today’s weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other special events. It is called the Candy Buffet – and it is all the rage! Event planners love them because they can create amazing displays without breaking the budget. Guests love them because they get to partake in the candy madness! There is no doubt that a candy wonderland adds sparkle and interests to any event.

There are many ways to arrange your buffet. From tall, wide containers to tiny, clear jars. Whatever your personal style is, is the way to go. Focus on colors and theme, but do not lose sight of what your event is all about!

Although doing it all on your own can be stressful, it can also be a blast! Here are a few quick tips for a successful and easy candy bar at your next event:

Try out the set-up before hand– Do mock set-ups of containers and candy so there will be no surprises on the day of the event. Include your decorations in this set up so you can mentally picture how it should all look put together.

Clearly label the candy at the buffet– Labeling the candy at your event is very important. The reason for this is so that anyone with allergies can know whether or not they can have the candy you have out.

Buy both scoops and tongs for the candy Scoops can be used for small candy, such as chocolates and hard candies. Whereas tongs can be used for things like gummy bears and licorice!

And if planning one yourself falls through, the best solution is:

Use an event planner– If you have an event planner ask them to assist you in purchasing, organizing, and setting up the candy buffet. If you do not have an event planner, no worries! There are professionals that specialize in candy buffets! You can check a few out at our Candy Buffet page.

Building a candy buffet should be a fun experience. The purpose of a candy buffet is to create something beautiful that is edible while also serving as a decoration. If you can remember the fun aspect of this, then the rest will come easily.

Once you feel like you have taken care of the majority of the “Dos” for a candy buffet, you can start building your buffet. Even if it is months before your event, it is never too early to plan. So go ahead, grab a piece of paper and a pen and get to work!


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