Creamy Dreamy Summer Drinks


So it’s Summer…

and during the summer we sip on something refreshing, and we bask in the sun.
We also scroll through Pinterest while doing both. Because let’s face it, Pinterest is AH mazing.

So while sipping something refreshing, basking in the sun and scrolling though Pinterest we became inspired.

We know staying cool during the hottest season of the year is absolutely necessary so we got to digging, and sorting through pages and pages of the prettiest and most refreshing frozen drinks of summer.

Here are the ones that made our top 3 list!
1. Cotton Candy Egg Cream 

cotton candy egg cream shake summer

This one is by far the best to look at at, this yummy version of the Old Fashioned Egg Cream is sure to please, and they are fun to make too!

With hues of pink and sweet flavors of Cotton Candy and Strawberry Soda, refreshing is an understatement.

Go ahead, take a look… isn’t she dreamy?

All you need is a soda preference, a small amount of Seltzer Water, a little food coloring of your choice, heavy whipping cream, and a thirst for deliciousness, and of course…Cotton Candy.

Mix the food coloring and soda together to make the color you desire for your Egg Cream, and make sure it is nice and cold…

Here is the cool part:

Grab your heavy whipping cream and slowly pour 2 TBSP into your pretty colored soda.

Get your Seltzer Water and pour a splash of it into the glass to create the Egg Cream effect.

Now take as much cotton candy as you want and plop it on top! There you have it! A delicious and refreshing Cotton Candy Egg Cream is ready for you to enjoy.


2. Root Beer Float

gummy root beer floats

root beer summer time float DIY


3. Mini Coke Shakes

mini gummy coke floats mini gummy coke floats

Coca Cola gummies are so popular and taste just like the real thing.

We wanted to incorporate some of Bulk Candy Stores top selling gummy candies into this drink because after all it is made out of COKE!

We found some cutesy tutsey Coke glasses at the Dollar Store and we just had to create this fun mini treats for the blog.

Of course we used Coca Cola, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream and Cola Candies.

They came out delicious, creamy and dreamy like we told you they would!


We hope these refreshing drinks make you cool down and sweeten up all summer long! Stay tuned for more fun in the super-hot sun recipes!


One thought on “Creamy Dreamy Summer Drinks

  1. Danielle

    I think Willie Wonka would be jealous of these drinks 🙂 Seriously though, who doesn’t love a float, especially with some tasty treats on top. I’ve been making a chocolate float this summer with a chocolate beer that a local brewery makes…I hadn’t thought about putting some dark chocolate candies on top.


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