Christmas Candy Crafts: Crafts for people of every age!


With the holiday season quickly approaching, there is so much to do that it’s hard to find some down time. The tradition of homemade Christmas decorations is one that many recall as a fond childhood memory. Creative decorating ideas may not be your priority, but if you take the time to create crafts and traditions with your kids, they will always remember the special moments you spent together making household decorations.

Depending on whether you want to create sweet treats that you can eat or items that will last years, we’ve got a few ideas for you! Here is just the right combination of sweet treats mixed with creative relaxation!  A few favorite holiday craft projects to do with the kids or just to do for fun are below:

Peppermint Tree Ornament– This project is so simple! All you need is a handful of peppermints (whatever color you want), a glue gun and Christmas colored ribbon. You will then arrange the peppermints in a tree shape (look at graphic below) and hot glue the peppermints together in that tree shape. After the glue has cooled, you will attach a ribbon that is folded in half to the top in order to create a hook to place it on a tree.  It is as simple as that! You can also make so many other things, such as fun little snow flakes and even peppermint candy canes.

Gum Drop Garland– This is a timeless classic, though it seems like it has lost some of its pizzazz over the years. You can make gum drop garland for any Christmas occasion, and even decorate a tree with it! The best part about gum drop garland is that while the kids help you make it, they can eat it. You will need to use a needle for this project though, so make sure the kids are supervised at all times because they will probably need your help for the entire project!

Christmas Candy Bark– This yummy treat is great to make with the kids! All you need is smooth and melty chocolates, some Christmas colored candy, pretzels, and anything else you want in your bark. You will need to lay down wax paper over an area so that when you’re ready to pour out your chocolate there is somewhere to put it. After you melt the chocolate according to the directions and pour it onto the wax paper in thin sheet, you will take all of your Christmas candy (candy canes, chocolate coated gems, Christmas candy corn, and pretzels) and spread them evenly over the smooth chocolate. You will want to make sure all of your items are crushed into small pieces. This should look like a sheet of Christmas bark. Let the bark harden completely then remove and break into smaller bark pieces. Enjoy!

Hopefully these few Christmas candy crafts will get you in the holiday spirit. We have a huge selection of Christmas candy available for any of your tis’ the season needs! Now take a few minutes, relax, and check out our Christmas candy section for yourself!


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