So, you have decided to forgo the professional party planner and you are going to create a candy buffet all by your lonesome. Great, you and I are of like minds. But, the price of candy jars can be upwards of $30.00. This is quite reasonable if you are using them on multiple occasions, but, if this is a onetime project you may not want to pay that much per jar.

I have scoured the corners of the internet (plus the corners of my brain) to find some inexpensive candy jars and jar alternatives. Here goes:

DIY apothecary jars

Blogger Kayleen at This Old Chair made the candy jars above.  A few candle sticks from a discount store painted to match the theme of your event, a few salsa jars some glue and like she said “easy peasy” you have some fabulous statement pieces to show off your candy.

Photo via Eighteen 25

The ladies at Eighteen 25 used pickle jars for their creation. The jawbreakers, gumballs and sixlets look great in the jars.

If you do not have any pickle or salsa jars lying around the house, you can get inexpensive jars at discount stores and you can make a Blissful nest’s version of a apothecary jar. Fill ’em with coated creme gems or Candy Coated Chocolate Lentils.

Photo via A Blissful Nest

Did you know that you can make your own (faux) gumball  machine?  Kara”s Party Ideas has a great DIY tutorial.

DIY Gumball machine

For this idea you need Terra cotta pots with saucer base; wooden ball (or gumballs), wooden doll pin stand; E600 glue OR hot glue;  round bubble bowl (batta fish bowl); can of spray paint. Kara explains how to assemble them here. If you are not a DIYer, you can purchase gumball machines at Bulk Candy Store. They are a scosche more than our $6.oo budget, but this is a purchase you’ll have for a very long time – plus they make a great gift.

Lollipops are a staple in every candy buffet, so although the next idea is not a candy jar, I thought it should be included.

Lollipop Tree/Stand photo via Martha Stewart Wedding

For this project you need Styrofoam cones, floral spray paint, extra-wide flat washers, ribbon and lollipops. The folks at Martha Stewart Wedding explains the construction process.

And now for a few a  ideas for the Non DIYers among us. The IKEA Jars and Tin section is a great place to find candy jars under $6.00 Can’t you just see some jelly bellies in this 61oz FÖRVAR – its only 2.99.

The 3.99 frosted DROPPAR Jar would be ideal for some brightly colored Imperials

Droppar Jar

I would use party favor classic Jordan almonds in the $4.49 SLOM Jar.

Slom Jar

BTW – did you know that our Gold Jordan Almond is entirely edible? They are delicious too!

Although this 96-Ounce Cookie and Candy Jar from Bed Bath and Beyond is 6.99, I figured, if you purchase it using one of their (Bed Bath and Beyond) 20% off coupons you will be below your $6.00 per jar budget. I love the size of this jar, it is perfect for displaying larger candies like 1 inch gum balls or the 2.25 inches Giant Jawbreakers.

The Anchor Hocking Glass Cracker Jars also from Bed Bath and Beyond are great choices. They range in price from $3.99 for the 16 oz jar to 5.99 for the 1 gallon jar.

I know that glass jars are the go to container when you are creating your candy or desert table,  but you are not limited to to these vessels. Vases, flower pots, bowls, and even brown paper bags are great inexpensive alternatives.  Stop by your local dollar store and see what they have in stock. Flea markets and thrift stores are also great places to find affordable container for your candy buffet.

Flower vase candy jar – only 2.99

You can even skip the jars all together and style your candy buffet using your candy favors. Check out the image below. I used 10 oz plastic cups, a round acrylic gift box glass jar to showcase brightly colored gumballs. Total spent on the display – approximately .75 cents – the acrylic box and the glass bottle were a close out deal. The plastic cups filled with candy  make a great party favor.

Plastic cups as party favor/display

Check out our Pinterest wall for more candy jar ideas. I’d love to see your bargain jars and your candy display ideas.



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