Candy for Super Bowl XLVI (46)


On February 5th, 2012 the New England Patriots will face the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. Kick off time is 6:30 est/5:30 cst on NBC. Whether you’re a fan of the New England Patriots, the New York Giants or (like me) you simply love watching the commercials and the halftime show (OMG, they have Madonna this year – yeah!), the Super Bowl remains a timeless American tradition – and an excuse PARTY PARTAAY! Food and drinks are usually the main attraction for a Super Bowl party, but a killer candy buffet is sure to score big with football fans.


Are you ready for some candy!!

The finalist this year have similar team colors – red, white, blue and silver, so to help you create a sweet dessert table, here are a few suggestions:How Perfect are the Boston fruit slices! Red, white and blue, these are must for any football fan. The Blue Raspberry flavored Boston Fruit Slices features a nice bright blue with a bright red “rind”. They are fat and cholesterol free, as well as certified Kosher and Pareve.Chocolate Rocks! I think the silver chocolate boulders> are perfect for any occasion. These are big – pieces range from 1.5″ to almost 3″ long! Creamy milk chocolate covered with edible silver coating – Perfect!. Pair these with the Shiny silver coated chocolate nuggets. These Chocorocks have a unique crunch and melt in your mouth taste sensation. Before you know it, you will be rocking like Madona:)

Coffee Prims are also great candy for the occasion. The Smooth & mild coffee flavor is like a light and sweet cup of coffee – it will help to take the edge off if you overindulge…

This next candy suggestion is a no brainer – It will work for Giant fans as well as patriot fans. The Foil Chocolate Footballs are milk chocolate balls in the shape of a football. They are individually wrapped in foil, so they are perfect for serving your super bowl party.

Super Bowl Sunday is the day that we should all forget about our new year’s resolution to loose x pounds. I say forget the diet for one day and sweeten your day with great candy.

Red, White, Silver and Blue

I would love to hear about your candy choices.


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