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Candy Buffet

Candy Buffets are a growing trend at social events. It can be a whimsical addition to your reception, or act as playful and interactive favors. We spoke with party planner Monica Bacallao of Moni Marvels to get the the insight on her candy styling efforts.

BCS: What inspired you to go into the candy styling (event planning) business?

MM: I have always enjoyed planning parties, from prom during high school to annual family gatherings.  Three years ago, I found out I was pregnant and while planning my baby shower, my wedding, and my daughter’s first birthday party, I rekindled my love for planning and executing events!  My daughter’s first birthday was a hit and then a few friends asked me to help them with their kids’ parties, and then their friends wanted my help, and that is how Moni’s Marvels was created!

BCS: How many candies do you typically purchase for a candy buffet?

MM: It totally depends on my clients’ needs.  I do not have set amount that I use. My tables average 12-13 jars and sometimes I will use 6-7 different types of candies. I also like to have the candy jars mirror each other, so the table is accessible on both sides. Other times each jar will be filled with a variety of different candies, giving the guests a large array of options to choose from!

Rubber Duckie Themed Table

BCS: When ordering candy for an event, how far in advance do you suggest placing the order?

MM: I usually plan out my stations the day I book the station, which gives me ample time to plan what candies I want displayed and how much of each candy I will need. I order the product about two weeks in advance.  It also depends where the candy distributor is from; however luckily for me I have Bulk Candy Store not too far from my home, so I am able to comply with last minute requests from my clients. Depending on how many other orders we have to fulfill, Moni’s Marvels may be able to accommodate orders placed within 48 hours of the event.

BCS: Do you include other deserts on your desert table?

MM: At my clients’ request, YES!!! I have custom colored chocolate fountains, BEAUTIFUL Bedazzled Bon Bons,  and I have an AMAZING baker that I work with. Jessica from Rock Star Pastries helps me with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING sweet!  She makes beautiful but more importantly delicious cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and decorated cookies even handmade chocolate truffles!  http://rockstarpastries.com.

BCS: What are the most practical containers or vessels to use for a candy Buffet?

MM: Again it totally depends on the type of event!  I usually use Apothecary Jars in a variety of sizes and heights! ;)

BCS: What is the most unusual container you have used?

MM: The most unusual container used to date would have to be a fish bowl used to hold Swedish Fish for a Dr. Suess themed station:  “One Fish, Two Fish – Red Fish, Blue Fish”.

BCS: What are your favorite Candies to use in a buffet?

MM: I love using Whirly Pops, Sixlets, Rock Candy , Gumballs , Round Ups, Gummy Bears  and Yogurt Covered Pretzels!

BCS: How do you decide on the color pallet? Do you have a favorite Color Pallet?

MM: I decide the color pallet when I know the theme. I try to match the candy color pallet as closely as possible to the party’s color palette and theme, so as to make my station tie into the event perfectly.

Purple Candy Buffet

BCS: Tell us about the most elaborate buffet table you’ve done to date.

MM: I must say my most elaborate buffet to date was one I did for a client who has now become a great friend, thanks to how closely we worked together while developing the details and vision for her table. The table consisted of a gold and red color pallet for her elegant Hilton wedding. We had a 3 tier RED milk chocolate fountain, Bedazzled  Bon Bons in Red & Gold in original and peanut butter flavors, dairy free hazelnut truffles, golden chocolate gems, gold rock nuggets, round ups, rock candy, red roasted pistachios, and DELICIOUS Almond, Red Velvet, and Chocolate mini cupcakes by Rock Star Pastries. It was truly a beautiful sight and scrumptious delight!!

We would like to thank Monica for hanging out with us at Bulk Candy Store. Check out more of her sweet creations here.

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  • yehuda

    First of all I want to compliment you on your setup it looks great! I have found recently with the candy bars that people come in with many different size glass containers and have them filled with an assortment of many different color candies. You need to keep in mind that for people to take they should have a wide opening and also the bigger the container the more required to fill.

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