Berry, Berry Scrumptious!



Everyone here at Bulk Candy Store has been going CRAZY over our Raspberries & Blackberries chewy fruit flavored jells! They have become a Warehouse favorite.

Hi, I am Tina – I have been working at Bulk Candy Store for a few months. I was eating some actual raspberries and blackberries and Kristina (one of our friendly customer service representative) mentioned that we have a candy version. She  pulled a bag from the shelf – they looked like the real thing – I did a taste test – WOW, they were delicious!  I couldn’t believe how delicious they were, I’ve never tasted a candy like it. I had to spread the word about this tasty confection. That afternoon, my parents gave me a ride home. I gave them a sample when they picked me up and they finished the container before we got home – I live less than 2 miles form Bulk Candy Store.The whole car ride they kept on talking about how good the candy was. Now every time they pick me up from work, they are expecting the Raspberries & Blackberries. I will only oblige on special occasions. Guess what my Dad got for Father’s day?

I had to share the Raspberry & Blackberry candy with my coworkers – it was love at first bite – Here are some of their stories…

Camille has been a long time employee at Bulk Candy Store and she tells us that this particular product is her husband’s favorite. Camille says “I feel so bad. My husband absolutely loves them but I know if I bring them home, I’ll end up eating them all and that’s not working for my diet!”

Kristina, the afore mentioned customer service reps, brought some home for a birthday gift for her husband. She decided it would be ok to give the Blackberries and Raspberries to him at the Birthday party with EVERYONE there. Boy was she wrong! She placed the tray on the dining room table with the other refreshments and before she could BLINK they were almost COMPLETELY gone! Not to mention afterwards everyone in the family has been requesting them like crazy.

Frank packs the shipments that go out to you guys. Frank is a huge health fanatic. As soon as we bring these berries to him he yells “Get those away from me!” Secretly when he thinks we are not looking, he sneaks some in his pocket. That’s how you know these are irresistible!

Althea, the self proclaimed candy evangelist, and perpetual dieter, said she was going to forgo the taste test. Instead she would bring some home for her son. As expected, he fell in love with the sweet treats. According to Althea, she did not want to feel left out, so she tried one and then another and then another… She will be resuming her diet on Monday.

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