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Starting this month we are going to be featuring different party planners that purchase from us and our first party planner is  Allison Harper! Allie is a Catering coordinator at Admirals Cove Country Club in Jupiter, Florida and she also is an event planner for her own business ‘Allie Allure Candy Bar Events’.

Allie comes to us to stock up on her candy buffet necessities and we enjoy having her because that means she brings baby Ryan with her!


We did a quick interview with Ally, here’s how it went:

BulkCandyStore: So what was it that got you started in creating candy buffets?

Allie: Actually it started with my wedding. I started collecting all of the jars and then someone told me about  BulkCandyStore and advised me to try to purchase the candy from you guys instead of ordering online so I wouldn’t have to worry about shipping.

My business started from word of mouth. My friends & family saw the buffet I did at my wedding and so they started telling other people and I also shared photos of the buffet  and it kind of just started escalating from there.

BulkCandyStore: Oh wow! We never knew that, That’s awesome.

Allie: Yeah, it worked out really well because that was in 2013, when we got married. I didn’t start it (Allie Allure Candy Bar Events) until 8 months later. In 2014 I really kind of kicked it off and I just tried to do it when I could.

BulkCandyStore: That was really fast! What’s your inspiration? What inspires you when you are putting a buffet together?

Allie: It really depends on the theme or the colors. I obviously get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. I look at a lot of things online, and other events that I have done too and put pieces together and then make it my own. It’s kind of usually me thinking about it on my own. I ask myself “do i wanna create levels? high and low?” depends on what the theme is.

Like a Bar Mitzvah is very different than a wedding. I usually go with more sparkle and pizzaz for the weddings and then go with a kids theme for the Bar mitzvahs.

BulkCandyStore: How do you gauge what type of candy you are going to use? So like, chocolate as opposed to gummy?”

Allie: Everyone has different taste buds and things that they like so I always tell my clients, i want you to give me your favorites but it’s also to have some good selections for everyone. I try not to include anything with almonds or nuts just for the allergies. I know certain items are still processed in the facility but for the big things I try to stay away from the nuts. I usually go from sour to sweet to chocolate and a little bit of marshmallow as well.

BulkCandyStore: Right right, okay. That sounds like a good variety. Are you noticing a certain trend? What candy are the guests going to the most?

Allie: I would say that most people go towards the gummies the most. They get eaten up the fastest! The older adults go for the chocolate.


BulkCandyStore: How do you calculate how many pounds of candy you need for the guest count?

Allie: I try to calculate it where the more the people, the less the price per person is. I guauge it off of how many jars I want to display. I know my jars already so I know how many bags a particular candy will fit. It’s mainly about the display. There is always left over no matter what. I also always want it to look outstanding. So I will increase jars.

BulkCandyStore: I never thought about that. Doing it by the jar count instead of pounds per guest count. I was also going to ask you, what would you say is your ‘Candy Buffet Essential’? Something you ALWAYS put in a buffet.

Allie: The gummy rings, the gummy puffs and the taffy. Sometimes the foil caramel balls, they are economical. They are bigger in size, so they fill the jar more and they are a good price too.  It really all depends on their budget.

BulkCandyStore: okay and last question: What do you like about shopping here?

Allie: I just love the way everything is laid out. I love the displays. it makes it easy when you need to get in and get out. Especially when I have the baby with me and obviously i love coming here and working with you guys. You guys are always super helpful.








If you’d like to contact Ally for her event services click the links below:


Allie Allure Candy Buffets



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