Add Candies to your dessert


Adding candies to your desserts is a great way to add a little something extra to your favorite sweet treat. Items like Chocolate Gem Candy – chocolate coated in a thin candy shell – can be used as a topping for cookies.

Chocolate Gems Cookies

Try substituting the chocolate chip in your the chocolate chips recipe with something unexpected. Add sliced bits of candy bar such as Curly Wurly Bars or Uno Chocolate Bar.  These candies would work as additions to hot fudge sundaes as well. I promise, you will be hit with anyone who is going to be partaking in the dessert that you have created.

A favorite desert in my household are Molten chocolate Lava Cakes. You can create these from scratch by following this recipe, or you can purchase the kit at the Bulk Candy Store. Whatever your choice, adding candy to the recipe is a grantee crowd pleaser. I have added chocolate caramels to the mix and I have topped the finished cake with crushed peppermint candy or crushed candy cane.

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Hot Cinnamon Cocoa Stirrers

This is another quick and easy sweet treat. Your kids can make these for their loved ones this Valentine’s Day! or they can make them just because…Pick up some candy sticks like Hot Cinnamon Cocoa Stirrers. Melt some  Chocolate Melting Wafers and swirl them in the melted chocolate – voila – the perfect gift for moms, dads and teachers for their coffee or hot cocoa.

Candy Coffee Stirrers

White Chocolate Coffee Candy

  • 8 ounces white chocolate
  • 2 ounces coffee
  • Your favorite fruits, cookies and cakes – I used are strawberry, sliced pineapple and peanut butter cookies.


Melt the chocolate and coffee in a double boiler. Stir them until creamy. Dip fruits and cakes into the mixture and serve. Alternatively, you may use a Chocolate Fondue Set – just add coffee…

I would love to hear about your candy enhanced recipes. Place a link to your recipes in the comment sections.



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