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A Gift for Dad



Last week my son asked me to help him to create a candy bouquet Father’s Day gift for his dad. Excellent idea! I thought. My first idea was to do a black and white themed bouquet.  I selected a simple glass bottle to use as a vase. I stuffed it with black shredded paper, next I arranged three black and white swirl lollipops in the vase and I finished the arrangement with an over sized white bow.

Black and white candyMy son looked at my creation and although he was grateful, he thanked me for my effort, and told me he had another idea that he thought would be more fitting. Since is dad was born in the sixties, he wanted to create a a nostalgic candy bouquet that featured candies that his dad enjoyed as a child. He selected some old time caramel candies like Sugar Daddy, Caramel Creams, Slopoke and Slap Stix; some lollipops like Man Bait Maple Bacon Lollipops and tootsie pops and some classics like Cow tales and Wax bottles.

Man Candy

We arranged the the candies in a simple square container. We glued dowels to the candies that did not have a stick and used floral foam to anchor the arrangement. I cut a tie from a piece of decorative paper and used it to embellish the container. I think this candy bouquet is going to be a hit!

Happy Father’s Day

By Ken Shenkman

I am one of the owners of Bulk Candy Store, a true omnichannel candy store. We have a retail store in West Palm Beach, FL., a website at and state fairs and festivals across the U.S.

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