A Candy-Themed Baby Shower: Now That’s a Sweet Idea!


Everyone loves sweets and candy, so why not make it the theme of your baby shower? It adds colour and creativity to any party and works well if you’re celebrating the imminent arrival of a baby girl or a boy! From invites to decorations to party favour bags, you can make a baby shower a sweet success for the mum-to-be and her guests.

Enticing Invites:

Of course, candy-themed party invites are a must.  Don’t spend ages perfecting your confectionary stationary: simply create invites with different colour paper (with the party information printed on top), cut into a circle and affix onto a large lollipop stick. Tie with ribbon and voila!  If you don’t have enough time to create your own, this fab Etsy shop owner will do all the hard work for you, for a small fee.

Delicious DecorationsDum Dum Lollipop Topiary

For party decorations, fill glass apothecary jars with different types of candies and place them around the party area and as centrepieces for the tables. You might also create candy topiaries out of lollipops or other sweets that are on sticks, which can easily be pushed into craft foam balls. These types of decorations add colour and visual variety while also serving as some great prizes for any baby shower games that are played. The gift table or party tables can also be trimmed with candy necklace garlands, which pop against crisp white table linens.

Not every party decoration has to be made out of real candy. Instead, you can design some to look like sweets from different colour tissue and craft paper, fashioning these into oversize hard candies that you can place around the party or even hang up.

Party Game Treats and Crafts:

Everyone loves playing games at baby showers, so you can turn these into sweet treats as well

  • Pin the gumball on the gumball machine: A twist on using a donkey for this fun game.  Of course, it involves a blindfold so that party participants have to guess where they should stick their gumball.
  • Guess how many candies in a jar. Be sure to use small candies like miniature chocolates or anything else that will make it challenging to guess!
  • Create a candy-themed word search or word scramble. The first person to finish finding the words or unscrambling them wins.
  •  “Crafternoon” Have a craft station where each party participant can make a candy bracelet or necklace out of real candies or candy-shaped charm pieces.
  • Playing piñata: OK, this is traditionally seen as a children’s party game, but adults like to get in on the action too.  Get grown ups swinging a bat and breaking open a paper mache object full of candies. You can even get one made to order in the shape of a large sweet!
  •  Retro-themed fun: Get candy from days gone by to stimulate a little nostalgia in your party guests.  Fill bowls with retro sweets from the Bulk Candy Store and watch friends reminisce as they sample classics such as Old Time liquorice, Pop Rocks, Smartie Rolls and Bubblegum Cigarettes.


Food and Refreshments:

Although most people love candy, you certainly don’t want to just feed them sweets, but you can theme the foods around sweets while still offering plenty of savoury delights, including colourful snack mixes, veggie trays, and fruit kabobs. The baby shower cake can, of course, become a Candyland-style concoction or even shaped like your favourite sweet treat!

Don’t Forget the Flavoured Favours

Last, but not least, don’t forget to send each guest home with a candy-themed party favour bag, including plenty of sweets. Of course, you can add other items like candy-scented candles or a small picture frame decorated with sweets too. In fact, in Bulk Candy Store’s fab shop, you can find candy-themed apparel and plush toys – all of which make lovely favour bag additions!




This article was written by Carly on behalf of The Mummy and Me Hamper Co.  We’re baby mad and sell a range of unique baby shower gifts, including tasty cupcakes, lovely candles, special spa packages, amazing hampers, fun toys and much, much more!

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