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Color Mixes

Color Mixes

We spend a lot of time listening to our customers and finding out what they want. From that information, we create candy color mixes that are perfect for special occasions and holidays. Our custom color candy mixes are available in a range of colors, sizes, textures and flavors. Go ahead, get mixed up!

  1. red white pink hearts

    Red, White and Pink Hearts

    2.5 lb Bag


    • Heart Imperial Mix
    • Hard Candy
    • Red, White and Pink Mix
    • Fruity Flavor
    • Diameter: About 1/2"
    • 2.5 Pound Bag
    • Approximately 3800 pieces per bag
    • Made in USA 
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  2. gummi hearts red and white

    Sour Gummi Hearts - Red And White

    4.5 lb Pkg


    • Sour Heart Shaped Gummies
    • Red and White Colores
    • Two Flavors
      • Red - Sour Cherry
      • White - Sour Strawberry Banana
    • Approximately 285 per bag
    • 4.5 LB bag
    • Made in USA 
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