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Blue Candy

Blue Candy

It is no mystery that Blue Candy has been at the top of the sweets pyramid for decades. Most famous for painting tongues across the world, Blue Candy can't disappoint in the fun category. From singing the Blues, to Varsity Blues, maybe you're welcoming a new Little Boy Blue, all of your themed candy needs can be met with our lustrous selection of Blue Hues.

  1. Kosher Marshmallow Fruit Swirls- Blue

    Per Bag


    • Kosher Marshmallows with Blue & White Swirls
    • 8 oz bag -about 33 marshmallows per bag
    • Each marshmallow is approx 3.25 inches long
    • Fruit Flavored
    • Kosher- Pareve
    • Gluten Free
  2. Mazel Tov Taffy - Blue

    1 lb Pkg


    • Mazel Tov Taffy 
    • Blue Color
    • Sour Fruity Flavor
    • Length 1"
    • 1 LB bag
    • Approximately 60 pieces per bag
    • Kosher Certified 
    • Made in USA 
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  3. Jordan Lentils - Blue

    2.5 lb Bag


    • Thin Candy Coating
    • Made with Rich Chocolate
    • Approximately 310 pieces per 2.5 LB bag
    • Blue in Color
    • Kosher - Pareve
    • Made in the USA
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