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Assorted Color Candy

Assorted Color Candy

Rainbow gumballs, Pastel butterflies, Jelly Bellies in every color on the spectrum imaginable. Our assortment of colorful candy here at Bulk Candy Store is enormous. So whether you're searching for a specific hue for a party theme, or you just love to turn your mouth blue. We have everything you need to satisfy your creative, colorful spirit.

  1. zotz grape orange & blue raspberry

    Zotz - Grape, Orange & Blue Raspberry (48 count)

    48 Count Pkg


    • Fruit-flavored hard candies with a sour center
    • Assortment of colors and flavors
      • Purple - grape
      • Orange - orange
      • Blue - blue raspberry
    • Gluten free
    • Individually wrapped
    • Made in Italy
    • 48-count of strings per box
    • 16 strings of each flavor per box
    • 4 pieces per string
    • 192 total pieces per box
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