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Bulk Candy Store at the Ohio State Fair

With entertainment, rides, exhibits, food, competitions and much more, the 2018 Ohio State Fair offers a wide variety of exciting options for fairgoers! We have a huge setup here! We have two candy tents, each with almost 2000 sq. feet of candy. From nostalgic favorites to the new trending treats the Bulk Candy Store tent will have what your tastebuds are searching for!

We also have several Deep Fried stands nearby, where we cook up the usual deep fried fare like Twinkies, Snickers and even Grilled Cheese! As well as our EXCLUSIVE Deep Fried Buckeyes!

And when you get thirsty, you can try a cold delicious ICEE at one of our 7 stands. including our Mix-It -Up ICEE stand, where you can choose from over 12 different flavors of ICEE! Get yours in a cool ICEE souvenir cup!

See you next year!

You can learn more at the Ohio Sate Fair