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Mike & Ike

Mike & Ike

Great tasting Mike & Ike candies have been a popular candy worldwide since their introduction in 1940. It’s no wonder why, with their vibrant colors, intense fruit flavors and oh so chewy centers – all with only 6 calories each. Available in over 50 countries, they have expanded from their original flavors into a variety of new mixes; including tropical typhoon, red-rageous and berry blast. The origin of the name Mike & Ike is a bit of mystery, with the manufacturer (Just Born) posing several ideas. Although loved my many, the famous pair did cause quite a media stir when they decided to go their own ways in 2012, citing creative differences. Fortunately for candy lovers everywhere, they got back together about a year later, resulting in a new flavor, strawberry reunion. Now available in individual colors and flavors as well so you can snack on just your favorites.

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