The Bulk Candy Store at the Oklahoma State Fair

Opening day for the Oklahoma State Fair was in 1907, the same year that Oklahoma became a state! The event has a long and rich history and this year shall contribute just the same.

The huge festival includes a huge range of events that simply cannot be missed!

Disney on Ice, Rodeo, thrilling rides, concerts, mind-blowing games, and of course the World's Largest Traveling Candy Store is there too!

Listen for us to call "CANDY!". Once inside our huge booth, you will find a huge selection of nostalgic candies, such as Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, BB Bats & Kits, Old fashioned lollipops, Tootsie Pops, lots of hard candies, caramels, Saltwater Taffy, Licorice, Candy Cigarettes, Wax Candy, and so much more.

We feature a huge selection of gummies, even Giant Bears, and The World's Largest Gummi Bears too!

This year, the Oklahoma State Fair is held September 11- September 21, 2014. You can learn more at the Oklahoma State Fair.

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